Economic Reports

Economic Effects of the Montana Film Production Industry

The creation of movies stimulates the local economy in a big way by bringing in tourists’ money, creating jobs, and supporting Montana businesses. The Montana State Legislature passed the Montana Economic Development Industry Advancement Act (MEDIA Act) in 2019 to offer an income tax benefit to entice film, television, and other media production to the State in light of this potential boost to local economies throughout Montana. The reports below provide an analysis of the economic, fiscal, and societal impacts from film and television production in Montana and specifically evaluate the impacts associated with the MEDIA Act Tax Credit Program. 

Economic Report 2021-2022

Productions that Have Filmed, July 2020-June 2022

  • Number of Productions: 195
  • Total Local Direct Spending: $77.5 Million
  • Total Direct Spending: $191.8 Million
  • Total Local Economic Impact: $153.9 Million
  • Total Jobs: 840 FTE
  • Employee Compensation: $41.5 Million
  • Total Tax Revenue $16.6 Million
Economic Report 2019-2020

Productions that Have Filmed, January 2019-June 2020

  • Number of Productions: 117
  • Local Spending: $23.9 Million
  • Total Impact: $47.6 Million
  • Total Jobs: 280 FTE
  • Employee Compensation $17.6 Million
  • Total Tax Revenue $1.3 Million

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