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Montana: the Ultimate Location

Thunderbird Mountain

A relatively remote peak, T-Bird is located in the northwestern part of Glacier National Park. Views from the summit are spectacular in all directions and include some of the most impressive peaks in the park. An added attraction to climbing Thunderbird is the opportunity to visit the beautiful Hole-in-the-Wall Cirque and Waterfall - named for the waterfall that starts from a cave mouth on the cliff face below the cirque.

Main Street

The Kalispell Grand is an historic hotel (1912) done in the Old West tradition. Located downtown, the hotel has been beautifully remodeled - right down to the pressed-tin ceiling and elegant oak staircase. By today's standards the rooms are small, as are the bathroo ms, but the historical ambience and fresh feel more than compensatefor the reduced space. The lobby is the hotel's centerpiece -with cherry wood walls, a small art gallery, and an air of Victorian elegance.

Bighorn Canyon

Sheer cliffs towering 1,000 feet above a ribbon of blue water, world-class fishing and a place where wild horses still run free, Bighorn Canyon is a place where imagination meets reality. It has unrivaled recreation possibilities. Between the Pryor and Bighorn mountains, the steep walls are carved by geological upheaval and the force of wind and water is one of a kind..

The Real West

Virginia City and Nevada City were born with the discovery of gold in Alder Gulch in 1863. A boom town of the post-Civil War era, Virginia City served as the Montana Territorial Capital for 10 years, until the gold ran out. Just a mile away lies Nevada City, a western town created from a collection of buildings from other ghost towns. Seemingly locked in time, if it was an essential part of life in the 1800s, it’s still here.

Dearborn River

Clearing skies near the Dearborn River in the Scapegoat Wilderness, part of the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex. The river flows for more than sixty miles to the confluence with the Missouri River near Craig, Montana and the Rocky Mountain Front.

Montana: the Ultimate Location


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