Film Office History

Glacier National Park - Forrest Gump Set


Since the inception of The Montana Film Office in 1974, there has been a dedicated crew of Montanans that have set the highest standards of service within this office that the industry has come to expect and trust when reaching out to us. We want to acknowledge their service to the film industry of Montana by expressing our deepest gratitude. Alphabetical by first name:

Becky Cummings, Bill Kuney, Deny Staggs, Elizabeth Mays, Garry Wunderwald, John Ansotegui, Katie Cummings, Kim Drynan, Kim Hendrix, Lonie Stimac, Mae Vader, Maribeth Goodrich, Mary Bell, Michelle Much, Nikolas Griffith, Rachel Gregg, Sage DuBois, Scotty Worden, Sharon Cummings, Sten Iversen, Suzanne Elfstrom, and all other staff, interns, and temps since 1974.