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Big Sky Film Grant

Hell Creek Badlands Hell Creek Badlands near Jordan, MT

The Big Sky Film Grant (BSFG) program builds and supports partnerships with filmmakers and production companies with the intention to create Montana film industry jobs. The grant program enhances the marketing efforts of Montana’s tourism regions and advocates for the state’s people, history, and overall quality of life. The BSFG and the Montana Film Office are funded by the 4% Lodging Facility Use Tax – commonly known as the “Bed Tax.”

BSFG-eligible productions include: Feature Films | Short Films | Documentaries | Television | Limited Series

Certain categories of productions are excluded from the program, including, but not limited to, broadcast news or current affairs programs, interview or talk shows, instructional videos, sport shows or events, political campaigns, adult content, and daytime soap operas.

Grant Categories

Feature Film & TV

Awarded to a feature-length film, TV series, or limited series that shoots at least 50% of principal photography in Montana and has a Montana spend of $350K (or more). Possible award amount is not capped.


Resident Filmmaker

Awarded to a feature-length project that is produced by a Montana resident filmmaker that has a validated credit as a Producer, Director, or primary Director of Photography. Must shoot at least 50% of principal photography in Montana. Possible award amount is $1,000 to $100K per project.


Short-Form Content

Awarded to filmmakers who create short-form content. Examples include short narrative, pilots, documentary, animation, webisodes, Montana-centric stories, and series 60 minutes or less with budgets under $350K per episode. Must be produced, created, and/or filmed at least 50% in Montana. Possible award amount is $1,000 to $50K per project.

When to Apply — What to Expect

Thank you to everyone that applied to the 2021 (fiscal year 2022) Big Sky Film Grant Program! Submissions are now closed. Please look out for our 2022 (fiscal year 2023) cycle to open April 1 – June 30, 2022. We will be returning to these dates, April 1 – June 30, as our annual call for submissions to the program.


TO PREPARE FOR APPLYING TO THE BSFG PROGRAM: Read the Instructions & Guidelines HERE – to determine if you are right for the program, what to expect in the application, and program rules and requirements.


To receive more information about the Big Sky Film Grant program, contact:

Stacey Zyliak, Media Incentive & Grant Specialist