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Tobacco River on Kootenai Trail
Kootenai National Forest

Montana is the nation’s fourth largest state by landmass – so it helps to have connections and resources around the state. Listed are categories and contacts you will most likely need to plan your production.

Montana has approximately 120 public use airports located across the state in every county, except Wibaux. The map below shows the commercial airports in the state. Visit the Airport Jurisdictions database for contacts at each of these airports. For information about all things air in Montana, visit Montana Department of Transportation’s in-depth directory.

Airport Regions

There are over 200 municipalities in Montana. From our vibrant, thriving cities to our charming, genuine small towns – we are known for our hospitality and breathtaking views. The map below shows the most-filmed-in cities and towns. Visit the City Jurisdictions database for important contacts you will need to film in these areas.

Regions Map Main

There are 56 counties in Montana. Use the map to determine what county you may be shooting in and then access information and contacts in the County Jurisdictions database.

County Regions

Montana honors and recognizes the ancestral homeland of the nation’s First People. There are seven federally recognized tribal nations in Montana, as well as the headquarters of the Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians. These nations have miles and miles of unspoiled landscapes with sweeping views and hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Cultural consideration must be adhered to on sovereign nation land.

Access contact information for tribes in the Indian Nations Jurisdictions database.

Indian Nations

Montana is divided into six (6) Tourism Regions – and within those regions, there are a host of Chambers of Commerce, Convention and Visitor Bureaus (CVBs) and Tourism Business Improvement Districts (TBIDs). Their knowledge of their respective communities cannot be understated – and they can be a great asset to your project.

We highly recommend reaching out to these experts for assistance in locale, contacts, and general information about the area your interested in. Use the map for reference and then visit the Jurisdictions database for all of our tourism industry contacts in these regions.

Regions Map Main