Bonus Incentives

Bear Paw Battlefield Bear Paw Battlefield

And, Because It’s Montana — You Also Get…

  • No Sales Tax: So your dollars go farther.
  • Accommodations Tax Exemption: Companies staying at the same hotel/motel for 30+ days are exempt from the 8% bed tax.
  • Licensing Exemptions: Out-of-state commercial vehicles and production-exclusive equipment are exempt from licensing requirements for 180 consecutive days (MCA, 61-3-302).
  • Experienced Crew: Impressive feature and commercial experience that’s deep and work statewide.
  • Free Location Photos: We provide location photography, inside information, and assistance in finding and securing locations.
  • Free Traffic Signage: For productions on and near roadways, we offer high-visibility signs of varying kinds.
  • Free Location Breakdown: We’ll help breakdown your script, find the perfect spot, and hook you up with the crew and contacts.
  • Experienced Film Office: Staff that’s your partner through every phase of production.
  • Golden Hour Is Three Hours Long: You can get more done in less time with more production value than anywhere else.
  • Go Fishing Between Takes: We have some of the world’s best waters; although we can’t guarantee you’ll catch anything.
  • The Country’s Best Microbrews: Granted that’s a pretty bold statement, but after a long, productive day you’ll believe it.
  • Location Fees Are Inexpensive: Just remember to close the gate behind you.
  • You Can Average Around 70 Miles Between Locations: You can shoot urban in the morning and remote in the evening.
  • Interns Are Readily Available: More greenhorns than grunts, MSU’s and UM’s acclaimed film schools have plenty of eager volunteers.
  • The Scenery: The biggest distraction you’ll have to deal with.