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Montana Film Office

Now Hiring

Here at the Montana Film Office (MFO), part of helping pictures get made is helping to connect the projects to the right people, locally. With that in mind, we maintain a current listing of projects of all sizes that are hiring around the state. We also have tips on helping you get hired in your first picture, become a production assistant, promote a your location as a filming destination, and much more. Be sure to check back often to see what new and exciting information we’re offering!

NOTE: The information relating to casting calls may include inaccuracies or errors. The Montana Department of Commerce and the Montana Film Office, collectively MFO, does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the information. Your use of the information is at your own risk; MFO is not liable for any harm. MFO recommends getting as much information from the source of the call prior to any auditions or submissions. All posted positions must follow all Federal, State, County, and Municipal labor laws.

MT Department of Commerce Recruiting for New Tribal Tourism Position

HELENA, Mont. – The Department of Commerce is expanding its program to develop and promote authentic and culturally appropriate tourism in Montana’s Indian Country by creating a new Tribal Tourism Officer position.

Although Commerce already supports tribal tourism through its Office of Indian Country Economic Development, this is the first time it will be dedicating a full-time employee to it.

“Tourism is one of Montana’s leading industries and an economic driver for communities across the state,” said Commerce Director Pam Haxby-Cote. “Respectful development and promotion of tribal tourism experiences can help Montana’s Indian Country to grow its share of that impact.”

An estimated 12.5 million visitors from out of state added $3.3 billion to Montana’s economy in 2017, and the market for tribal tourism already exists. In an October 2017 national survey of leisure travelers, 82 percent said they would be interested in exploring sites and experiences related to Native American culture and history.

During the 2017 regular session of the Montana Legislature, Senate Bill 309 created and funded a new Indian Country tourism region administered by the State Tribal Economic Development Commission.

The new position’s key areas of responsibility will include tourism marketing, visitor orientation, and the development of tourism products, services and facilities. The successful candidate will be responsible for strategic vision and planning and collaboration with local/tribal governments and tourism partners.

For a job description and to apply, visit the State of Montana Careers website. Recruitment ends Feb. 26.

“The Fight for Orphans” Crew Positions

Montana filmmakers Robert Kollar (Bozeman) and Adam Danielson (Livingston), are teaming up to produce a documentary (working title: The Fight for Orphans) on the current crisis orphans are facing in 2018, here in the state of Montana.

The production is now accepting resumes for crew positions, and will be looking to hire folks for the shoot to begin in March 2018. Qualified local crew members are encouraged to apply, by submitting resumes to:

Inquiries about the project may also be directed to this email address.

Seeking Film Instructors at MSU (Non-Tenure)

The School of Film & Photography seeks qualified individuals to provide non-tenurable instruction in the following areas in the School’s Film Option: film and related media studies, film and video production (all aspects), film industry, acting, directing, script writing, production management, science communication, wildlife and nature filmmaking, and digital media.

Montana State University seeks qualified individuals to provide non-tenurable level instruction and/or related functions. Applications are accepted on a continual basis (unless otherwise indicated) and will be maintained in pool for two years. After two years, candidates need to re-submit materials for continued consideration.

The department or program search committees or hiring authority will review and evaluate the submitted application materials. Applicants will be notified if their application is being retained in the non tenure track faculty hiring pool.

Appointments are on a part-time basis and vary in duration, a couple weeks, a semester or an academic year, depending on the specific needs of the department/program. Salary is dependent on number of workload units assigned and duration of contract.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Teaching on-campus or online courses,
  • Advising, evaluating and assisting students and/or
  • Curriculum and/or course development

We seek individuals who work professionally and effectively with diverse individuals, possess effective interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills and have the ability to contribute positively to the academic success of the students and the mission of Montana State University.

Livingston Independent Film Seeks On-Set Costumer

We are currently looking for an on-set costumer with significant experience working in the costume department. We require someone ideally from Wednesday, December 27th – Wednesday, January 24th. We are based in Livingston, Montana and ideally we would like someone local, however, if need be we can provide accommodation for them. It would be fantastic if anyone interested could please send their resumes to:

“Mickey and the Bear” feature film: CASTING CALL

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2017 — 12:30 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Have you ever wanted to be in a movie? Do you have a talent you’ve always wanted to showcase? Do you like telling stories? If so, come check out the local casting/storytelling call we are having at the Anaconda High School this Wednesday, December 20th, from 12:30 – 6 p.m! Sign ups are first come, first served. Please bring a piece of material that showcases your talents: you can tell a story, show us your athletic skills, perform a song, or give a speech – anything goes! NON-ACTORS ENCOURAGED TO COME!

**Specifically looking for HIGH SCHOOLERS ages 15-18, but all ages encouraged to come!**

A bit of background: I am a filmmaker looking for supporting and background actors for my upcoming feature film, “Mickey and the Bear,” which will shoot entirely in Anaconda, MT this coming summer! My film is about a teenage girl seeking independence from her veteran father, who she cares after in the wake of her mother’s death. I am extremely committed to featuring as many people from Anaconda as possible in the film, and would absolutely love to meet any and all of you next week. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a private message. Thank you all!
Lizzie Shapiro:

“Mickey and the Bear” feature film: CREW CALL

Producers are seeking CREW MEMBERS to work this summer in Anaconda, MT for filming of the feature film, “Mickey and the Bear.”

CREW positions needed are as follows :

  • Stunt Coordinator
  • Production Manager
  • Sound Mixer
  • Hair and Make-Up Head
  • Electrics/Grips (including Gaffers and Key Grips)
  • AC’s
  • Art Directors/Set Dressers / Propmasters

Please send your resume & cover letter to : Lizzie Shapiro: Thanks!

Dark Frames Films is now looking for cast and crew for a non-union, micro-budget feature film

Dark Frames Films is now looking for cast and crew for a non-union, micro-budget feature film from the director and writers of “Unfreedom” (2014).

“Brown” (working title) is the story of an illegal immigrant who tries to make a new life in a small town. Despite his efforts to land a legitimate job, he falls in with the wrong crowd. Along the way, he’s befriended by a street-wise orphan girl who gives him a new perspective. Will he be able to save himself and the little girl, or will he fall into the hands of ICE Agents? Will he be able to make an honest life, or become ensnared by the criminal society that welcomes him?

“Brown” will be shot in Butte, Montana, after Thanksgiving to the first week of January, with a break for Christmas. All roles and positions are meals/lodging, credit, and copy (some positions may have additional/discussable perks). Community theatre types and graduates encouraged to apply. Please find the complete Cast and Crew calls, with email submission instructions, below the credits.

We are hosting an Open Casting and Crew Call in Missoula, MT on Saturday, November 4th, from 1pm-5pm, at Downtown Dance Collective. The link above is to the Facebook Event- please join and share with your friends and colleagues! A Bozeman casting call is tentatively scheduled for Saturday the 11th of November. Details to come. Even if you plan to attend the Missoula call, we welcome your information by email in advance, and will start a conversation with you from there.

Thank you, and Good Luck!

Ainsley Patterson
Production Coordinator
Casting Director

The Dark Frames Core Team is a collection of talented filmmakers, including experienced and award-winning professionals such as:

Dark Frames Films –
•       Producer/Director: Raj Amit Kumar –
•       Executive Producer/Co-Writer: Damon J. Taylor –
•       Director of Photography: Hari Nair –
•       Sound Design: Resul Pookutty –
•       Music Composition: Wayne Sharpe –
•       Locations Manager/DIT: Don Andrews –
•       Line Producer/UPM: Jenni L. Johnson –

Casting Leads:

•       Kat – Lead – (28-33) (Some nudity required) Caucasian, sweet, always speaks her mind.  Modern prostitute who enjoys her job. Falls in love with the lead male.
•       Rob – Lead – (40) Open Ethnicity, drug dealer, shake-down artist, crazy but likable. Sees killing his father for his inheritance as the only way out of the drug game.

Casting Supporting/Featured:

•       ICE Agent (30-45), Male, Caucasian, “deskjob chubby”
•       Dark (30-40), Male, edgy, brusque
•       Meth-Head (30-40), Male, Caucasian, scruffy
•       Rowdy Guy 1, 2, 3 (25-30), working-class rednecks out drinking
•       Paul, Rob’s Dad (75), Same ethnicity as Rob
•       Mother of Babysitter (40), Caucasian
•       Larry (40-50), Caucasian, middle-class guy who made a bad deal
•       Taxi Passenger 4 (40-50), Male, clean-cut
•       Strange Woman (recognizes Sasha) (30-50), edgy, addict, nosy
•       Police Officer (smokes) (35-40), male, chubby
•       Stabber (50-70), male, addict, scruffy
•       Landlord (40-60), female, friendly
•       Grocery Store Cashier, female, open age/ethnicity, bland
•       Gruff Taxi Passenger, male, stern, doesn’t tip, no lines

Please email and include the following:

•       Full Name
•       Phone Number
•       Preferred Email
•       Resume/Reel/Website (if you have one)
•       Current City
•       Age Range
•       Height
•       Weight
•       The following pictures (professional or cell phone is fine):
o       Shoulders up (headshot) straight on to the camera or 3/4
o       Full body in good lighting, plain, fitted clothes, hair down, light or no makeup
o       An action or fun shot if you have one. Something you love to show off!

Crew call:

•       1st AD
•       Script Supervisor
•       1st AC
•       Camera Assistant
•       Key Grip
•       Hair and Makeup
•       Art Director
•       Prop Master

Please email ‘’ and include the following:

•       Full Name
•       Phone Number
•       Preferred Email
•       Resume/Reel/Website if you have them
•       Current City

Zero Point Zero West Job Openings

Zero Point Zero West Job Openings:

ZPZ West is an outpost of Zero Point Zero Productions, a NYC-based production company best known for No Reservations and Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain, MeatEater with Steven Rinella and Mind of a Chef.  We have one position open now.

Editor / Junior Editor for Digital Video Content:

ZPZ is looking for an experienced editor to cut digital web content for our television show MeatEater, as well as cut development Sizzle’s and short videos for our sponsors for social media.  This individual has experience editing with AVID.   Experience or willingness to learn the program is a must.  Prospective start date would be October ’17 and would be on an as-needed/part time basis.  Knowledge of and passion for outdoor living and hunting will be an incredible help but is not necessary.

Please send resumes and reels to

Shire Productions Content Distribution and Staffing

Filmmakers-Shire Productions is accepting content for distribution and looking for original content, as well as staff.

As with any business transaction, review all contracts carefully, and do not hesitate to clarify terms.

You must do your own due diligence.

Disclaimer: The Montana Film Office presents connections to filmmakers, but does not

sponsor or endorse these connections.

ShireProduction Letter

Sales and Marketing Division

Job Description

We are looking for an energetic, self motivated and organized individual to join our dynamic sales team.  Responsibilities with include, but are not limited to:

  • Procuring funding for production projects
  • Retaining advertisers for Shire network
  • Selling subscriptions for Shire streaming network
  • Finding content for Shire network, affiliates and movie production


The position being offered is a non-exclusive independent contractor sales position. It is a commission based position and the following is an example of said compensation.

Sales staff compensation

  • Production Projects

2% upfront for total amount of budget procured by sales associate

Up to 60% of Net remaining budget balance

  • Advertisers

20% of gross Revenue from advertisement spots sold on the Shire Network

5% of cash value pertaining to product placement, sponsorship or barter transaction

  • Subscription Sales for Shire

$.50 for each $2.99 membership sold

$2.00 for each $5.99 membership sold

$4.00 for each $9.99 membership sold

  • Finding content and Projects for Shire Productions

Weekly show: 3% upfront of gross seasonal budget amount and 10% Net remaining budget balance paid per episode

Full length feature: 2% of gross budget and 25% of net remaining budget

Mini-series: 3% upfront of gross seasonal budget amount and 15% Net remaining budget balance paid per episode

Musical Content for Jukebox: 10% of monthly subscription sale price, paid per month


Projected / estimated amounts for advertising products

*3 month plan for once a day commercial on streaming channels (Prices increase based on time zone broadcast peak hours)


$1000 for 3 months (3:01am – 6:00am)

$3,600 for 3 months (6:01am – 9:00am)

$5,400 for 3 months (9:01am – 12:00pm)

$7,200 for 3 months (12:01pm – 6:00pm)

$9,000 for 3 months (6:01pm – 9:00pm)

$7,200 for 3 months (9:01pm – 12:00am)

$1,800 for 3 months (12:01am – 3:00am)


*Prices for product placement, sponsorships, seasonal series, or theatrical budget funding and/or single show sponsorship are subject to the terms of that agreement.


If interested in a sales position with Shire Productions please contact, Phil Walley (702) 292 – 5010, or Carl Carter (571) 215 – 9252,


Jennie Saks, owner of NASS Talent Management, ALL FACES Model & Talent Agency, will be auditioning for another MT Anti Tobacco PSA TV /commercial shoot next week and  would love to submit new talent. If  you are interested and available for the casting and shoot dates, and you want her to submit and represent you for this project plus future projects please EMAIL current photos of yourself, 1 close up and 1 full body, along with your: date of birth/age, height, weight, location, phone and email. If you are under 18 yrs old, please include your parent’s name and contact information.

Specs:  male and females age 17-20  Punk / alternative types, Skater, Preppy, Athletic, etc.
Available dates needed for the shoot  (1 day during this time frame) August 15-16-17.
$500 per day per spot.

FYI This is a State of Montana Government project so a background check form will be needed from everyone who is hired.

The Casting will be July 20th in Bozeman.

Once we receive your information, we will contact you with script and audition details.

Jennie Saks
NASS Talent Management
All Faces Model & Talent Agency (CA, HI, MT)



“BIG FORK” is currently looking to cast several roles in their upcoming feature film!

Story line: A group of friends reunite in Montana for a weekend wedding. The problem is, the

wrong people are getting married.

Actors should email me at if they would like to be considered,

and I will send sides/self-tape instructions to anyone who may be a fit for the roles outlined below.

This is a SAG Ultra Low Budget feature, so actors are paid $125/day.


[GREGG]24 to 29 years old, all ethnicities male. Introspective, kind, likable. He is the shy one of the

group, but with a little nudging from his gregarious buddies, he starts a committed romantic

relationship with his last-minute wedding date. ABILITY TO PLAY PIANO PREFERRED, BUT NOT



[SAM]22 to 27 years old, all ethnicities female. Sweet, flirtatious, spontaneous. She is working as a

waitress when she meets Gregg, and quickly agrees to be his overnight date to the wedding. PLEASE


[CAMILLA]18 to 25 years old, all ethnicities female. Sexy, intuitive, curious. She works as a stripper

and is in love with her client, James, even though he is engaged to someone else. There is no

nudity in this role, but the actress will be scantily clad and the role involves simulated intimacy. P



[RAVEN]18 to 30 years old, all ethnicities female. Casual, cool, inherently comedic. A female version

of Brad Pitt’s character in True Romance. PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT ACTORS WHO ARE LOCAL HIRES IN


[ANNIE]45 to 60 years old, Caucasian or Black/African American, female. Nurturing, understanding,

maternal. She is Emily’s mother, getting ready to celebrate her daughter’s wedding day. PLEASE ONLY



Brittani Ward, Casting Director

office: 323.468.8899

cell: 815.715.6925

Film Intern

This position will assist the film office in creating media content, answer production phone calls, and scout filming locations for productions coming into the state. The ability to operate a PC or MAC computer is required.
Qualifications: Interest in PR, Website Communication, Film and Media production, Adobe Suite, video editing, photography, videography, database, Excel, and other Microsoft office tools.
Full time, First year Intern.

Montana Law requires that a student intern be a person who has been accepted in or is currently enrolled in an accredited school, college or university (2-18-101 MCA).

Application Process: Letter of application with specific attention to why this program of interest, resume with concentration on collegiate career, rank of Internship opportunities for which you are applying in order of preference, and if you have a full or part time preference.

Please send all application materials electronically to:

Penny Fassett:

Deadline for applications is March 24th, 2017. Interns will be selected by April 7th, 2017.
Montana State Government and the Montana Department of Commerce do not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex (including pregnancy, gender identity, or sexual orientation), age, physical or mental disability, genetic information, marital status, creed, political affiliation, veteran status, military service, retaliation, or any other factor not related to the merit and qualifications of an employee or applicant.



University of Montana Filmmaker, Hyein Kang, invites local talent
to participate in a casting call for an upcoming short film, entitled
“THE ATTEMPT” – interested individuals may email Hyein directly
at  ‘’ for inquiries, additional details, time,
place, roles available, script readings, and auditions.


The Montana Film Office is currently updating our database of EXPERIENCED set designers, set propmakers, finish carpenters, and master painters. Thorough knowledge of industry standard set construction techniques is an ABSOLUTE must. Please register or update your current crew listing in our Reel Scout database. List build credits, job titles, and film/project worked on and year. Resumes containing your additional experience may also be uploaded into your profile. Carpenters & painters with exceptional finish and interior specialty skills are also asked to update or create new profiles within the database. All new profiles & updates will be reviewed and verified. Finish carpenters & master painters with experience in local high-end & specialty shops (I.E. ‘Yellowstone Traditions’, ‘OSM’, and other ultra fine-craft oriented shops) may potentially qualify as on-set finish propmakers & master painters, without necessarily working on a previous film or television project. The waiving of such requirements will be at the discretion of the hiring entities.

We are compiling this workforce referral information for a number of projects that are considering Montana for multi-episode TV series, and film projects. There has been an emphasis placed on the need for traditional, frontiersman, 1880’s western, and ranch styles of construction, finish craftsmanship, and period painting skills.

Please feel free to email the Montana Film Office with any additional questions, however, DO NOT email resumes & updates for your crew listing to the office. Crew listings and updates may only be submitted through the Reel Scout database.

Updates & new profiles may be created by following the link tab button “CREW & SERVICES” and then ‘Crew & Services’ in the pop-up menu. Select ‘register’ to create a new profile, or ‘login’ to edit & update your existing listing.

The Montana Film Office maintains the crew referral database as a means for producers, keys & department heads, to contact would-be employees for potential employment on film & television projects. The Montana Film Office does not hire nor place employees on projects; nor does it function as/or in lieu of your local hiring hall, job rep, or any other agency. The database is maintained as a courtesy for projects seeking to hire local Montanans, utilize their valuable skills, and contribute to the overall economic health of our Montana communities.

Associate Documentary Film Producer

Seeking Associate Film Producer to work on a feature documentary film project with a small crew. This project will have national distribution and covers a timely story that is environmentally focused.
– Advanced organizational, communication, and computer skills are absolutely necessary.

– Project management skills in long-format storytelling and workflow. Experience as a producer is a plus.

– Ability to work independently.

– Starting office hours (approx 24h/week) are Monday through Wednesday – more hours w/experience. Office located in NE Bozeman.
Position Responsibilities:

The Assistant Producer is responsible for pre-production office support and on-location production assistance including:

· Interview and shoot planning

· Developing interview questions

· Developing shot list and researching locations

· Pulling permits and other compliances

· Researching issues related to film

· Assembling the production crew

· Arranging travel and transportation for production

· Researching funding options

· Managing database and assets

· Office support
During this process the Associate Producer will be helping to develop the story and will gain a detailed knowledge and understanding about the issues presented in this film. These are key issues that will affect our country at large and must be handled with respect and professionalism.


This a part-time hourly office position (~24h/week) with no medical benefits, paid sick leave, or other benefits. Starting pay is $18/h with a possible wage increase after two months. Position will last at least six months up to one year.

To Apply:

Please send Resume in PDF or Word document to In addition, expand on three to five of your project management oriented resume listings with details on your specific contribution. Please note that further details about the project will not be given until the candidate applies for the position.

Position open until filled.

Montana Film Producer Michael Wickes, is seeking to bring an Assistant Documentary Film Producer on-board

Montana Film Producer Michael Wickes, is seeking to bring an Assistant Documentary Film Producer on-board:

Job Description : Assistant documentary film Producer.
–       Advanced film making, organizational, communication skills and computer skills are absolutely necessary.
–       Experience as a producer is a plus. Project management skills in long-format storytelling and workflow.
–       Starting office hours (approx 20 per week) are Monday through Wednesday – more hours w/experience. Office located in n.e. Bozeman, MT

Position Responsibilities :
The Assistant Producer is responsible for pre-production office support and on-location production assistance including:

– Interview and shoot planning
– Assembling the production crew
– Arranging travel and transportation for production
– Working with categorical production budgets
– Developing shot list and researching locations
– Pulling permits and other compliances
– Researching issues related to film
– Developing interview questions
– Media asset management (Digital masters and storage)
– Basic editing
– Researching funding options
– Manage database and assets
– Office support

During this process the Assistant Producer will behelping to develop the story and gain a detailed knowledge and understanding about the issues presented in this film. These are key issues that will affect our country at large and must be handled with respect and professionalism.

Required Education and Experience :
– Associate or Bachelor degree in communications, broadcasting, or film with an emphasis on digital cinema production.

– 2-4 years of production experience in documentary filmmaking or similar production experience.

-Ability to demonstrate organized project management skills for media production.

Required Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities :
Knowledge of current production tools, i.e. Cameras, lighting, audio, digital workflow, and media management. Postproduction knowledge is a plus.

Please send Resumes to ::

Thank you!

Talent needed for PSA TV Commercial being shot September 19-23, 2016 in MONTANA

NASS Talent Management will be accepting photos and audition videos from new talent for a non union TV PSA COMMERCIAL that will be shooting in the BILLINGS, BUTTE, MISSOULA, BOZEMAN AREA this September. If you are interested in submitting please email Include a CURRENT close up picture of yourself and one full body along with your contact information. Once received, an agency representative will contact you with further instructions and script. Acting skills a plus but not required.

If you wish to audition in person, you must email Jennie Saks to get an audition time. Auditions will be held this Friday, September 9th in Bozeman from 2-7 pm at:
The Commons (aka Journey Church)
1794 E Baxter Ln,
Bozeman , MT 59718

Follow signs to the entrance on the far right of the building, and continue to the Summit Rooms at the north end of the base camp wing.

If you want to self tape and email your audition, the deadline for all self-taped auditions is Saturday, September 10th, at 5 pm. Please contact us for instructions.

Talent needs( all ethnicities) : Men 18-25, Missoula
Men 65-70 Butte,
Men 40-55 Bozeman
Women 18-24 40-55 Billings and
an actual Mother Daughter would be great but not necessary
Woman 40-55 Bozeman
girls 11-15 Bozeman
boys 14- 17 Bozeman

Please email NASS Talent Management ASAP to move forward.


The Ballad of Lefty Brown –  independent feature film

shooting September in Virginia City and Bannack Montana.


Thursday, August 25  ENNIS  4pm – 6pm – deck behind The Sportsman

Saturday, August 27  DILLON    4pm – 6pm

– Kiwanis park Pavillion across from Big Sky Cinema

                        (in case of bad weather: Old Depot Theatre)


(you may come any time – expect to be there about ½ hour)


We are looking for typical townspeople of an 1880’s street

ages 18-80  (primarily male) + a few women and children


No modern looks – no modern hair cuts/dyed hair



Young men 18 – 30 – cowboys/ranch hands/soldiers

Whores + bar patrons

*Especially looking for

Redheads, Asians , African Americans, and Native Americans


If you own period (1880’s) western wear, please come dressed

Everyone must know their exact sizes.


People cast will work 1 – 2 days, tentatively :

Virginia City – September 8/9

Bannack – September 27 – October 1

Pay is $100 cash with gas $ for those traveling more than 50 miles


ADDITIONAL CASTING CALLS will be held in Bozeman and Butte

Time and Location will be announced


inquiries/photos/resumes to Tina Buckingham, Casting Director

Safety Expert/Set Medic Needed

Television film crew shooting in the Great Falls area is looking for an experienced Safety Person.



Great Falls, MT


Shoot Days:

August- October


Job Duties Include:

-Providing crew with added support

-Making sure crew and cast are performing tasks safely

– Providing Emergency Medical Assistance if needed

This could be a great opportunity for a retired Firefighter, Medical Expert, or Officer. To inquire please contact Kaili Gregory at or via Phone: (714) 345-9998.

Production Assistant Needed

Television film crew shooting in the Great Falls area is looking for an experienced on set production assistant.


Great Falls, MT

Shoot Days:

August- October

Job Duties Include:

Providing crew with added support

Running production errands

Loading/Unloading Equipment



$150/day (12 hrs.)


This is a hands on opportunity for someone interested in learning all facets of production. To inquire please contact Kaili Gregory at or via Phone: (714) 345-9998.

Location Coordinator position open at the Montana Film Office

chalkboard-background copyThe Montana Film Office is seeking candidates for the Location and Project Coordinator position to join the team at the Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development. This exciting position is a combination of marketing and technical assistance, promoting Montana as a filming destination and providing support services to productions in state. Applicants should have a working knowledge of Montana towns, roads, parks, rivers, mountain ranges and Native American nations, working knowledge of the film production process and players, and high level communication skills for working with permitting agencies, location owners, government agencies, filmmakers, producers and studio executives.

Job duties will include:

  • Location scouting and photography of Montana locations
  • Management of the film office location, projects and contacts database
  • Planning travel and accommodations and escorting production personnel (producers, directors, location managers) on film location scouts as acting liaison between productions and location owners
  • Office authority on permitting regulations related to commercial filming on public and private land
  • Providing location packages, crew information, support service contacts and other technical support for in-state productions or inquiries
  • Attendance at trade shows, film festivals and other events promoting Montana to the film industry
  • Cultivation of industry relationships and networking to elevate Montana’s industry presence as a film-friendly state

This position is currently open for application through Sunday, July 17. View the posting and apply online by clicking the submit button below!




Web Series Seeking Talent

Comedy web series “Welcome to Big Sky Adventures” shooting in Billings September 2-6 is seeking talent for multiple roles in their pilot episode.

Open casting will take place at BOSS Studio, 2814 2nd Ave, behind the Babcock theater in Billings at the following times:

  • Saturday June 18th from 10:00am to 4:00pm
  • Sunday June 26th from 10:00am to 4:00pm

Interested parties may email to inquire about the script.


[Hildi – 30] Home from Law School to be with her dying Mother, hates her sister Sarah with a passion.

[Sarah – 28] Running from something, came home to see her dying Mother, hates her sister Hildi with a passion.

[Ruth – 80] On the verge of dying wants here two Daughters to get along , she has a plan…

[Kyle – 40] Hildi’s ex husband, still in love with Hildi, is forced to work with her.

[Bennie- 30] Know it all, who knows nothing transplant from Neww York dress’s in nothing but Italian suit’s.

[Katie  – 40] Cowgirl-frontier woman, might be a ghost might be real only the episodes will tell.

Day Players:

[Mrs. Wexler – 40] From New York just lost her husband bring her son to Montana for a wild west adventure.

[Brock Wexler – 11] Just lost his dad looking for a father figure to replace him….

[Dr. Ganz – 55 to 60] Ruth’s Doctor.

[Jill – 35] Realtor.

[Brian Sullivan – 55] Lawyer for Ruth.


A feature film by an award-winning filmmaker is casting several supporting and background roles in an upcoming modern western. Must be available in June and possibly July. No acting experience necessary, but please be comfortable in front of a camera. (Interested in discovering new or up-and-coming talent. This is a great opportunity for people looking to break into acting in films. Experienced actors are also encouraged to apply.)


RANGER CODY (female, age 30) — Key supporting role. Forest Ranger working in Gallatin Valley, who comes into direct conflict with the protagonist.

FRANKIE (male, age 65-75) – Key supporting role. Korean war vet who enjoys collecting antiquities.

RESERVATION POLICE OFFICERS X 2 (male, age 25-45) Featured.

ROCK SHOP OWNER (age 60) Featured.

OLD WOMAN (age 70) Featured.

FILE CLERK (age 60) Featured.


NATIVE AMERICAN WOMAN (age 30-50) Featured.

GAS STATION CASHIER (age 55) Featured.

BUS PASSENGERS X 20 (age 20-60) Background.

HIPSTER COUPLE (age 30-40) Background.

CHINESE WOMAN (age 70) Background.

If you are interested in auditioning please email a headshot, resume (including link to acting reel if possible), and contact information to

If the casting team thinks you might be a good fit, they will contact you to schedule an audition in Bozeman.

Casting Call – Three Roles in Short Film

A short film shooting in the Bozeman area this summer, “Willow Creek Road,” is seeking the following roles.


Ruth (30), a lonely housewife in rural Belgrade, Montana, becomes obsessed with her neighbor Joey (40), a seemingly neglectful, single mother. When Joey fails to pick her kids up after school one day, a painful secret propels Ruth to intervene.  She slowly assumes the responsibilities of a mother as she takes the kids home and tends to their needs. The two women must face each other, and ultimately themselves, when Joey catches Ruth trespassing. Willow Creek Road explores the complex inner lives of these two women as a mirror to the external character of Montana itself: vast big skies, stretches of winding road, endless plains and majestic mountains.


TOM – (40’s), dutiful career man. Works long hours as a Surgeon. Loves his wife Ruth but is feeling the strain of their childless marriage.

LILLY – (age 9-10) head of the household during her mom Joey’s long working hours. Serious and very responsible, Lilly had to grow up fast. Looks after her younger brother Sam (6) when her Mom’s not home. An old soul.

SAM – (age 5-6) the baby of the family. Raised by a single working Mom, and quite often his 10 yr old sister, Lily. Playful and free, with limitless energy. Unhinged, but also seeks love and affection.

Please send a headshot (or recent picture) and resume (or biography for the kids) to: Selected applicants will receive instructions on how to self-submit a taped audition. No need to travel, as we’re casting from NYC.

For more information, find the project on Facebook and Indiegogo!