We would like to introduce you to The Costuming Academy

This is a comprehensive online training program focusing on the essential roles within the costume department from entry level to supervisor. 

We recognize there is often a missing link between entering the industry and understanding the responsibilities expected. The world of costuming can be overwhelming and intimidating for newcomers. 

The Costuming Academy is the bridge for aspiring professionals and provides guidance as they develop their skills and navigate their career

paths. Online means classes can be taken according to a students schedule.

This is especially helpful if they are working another job with a plan to move into the film industry.

We are interested in identifying any students and professional organizations 

that would be interested in or could share information about our costuming program tailored specifically for those seeking to make their mark in the captivating world of film costuming.

Classes are detailed in our site  http://thecostumingacademy.com [thecostumingacademy.com]

Please contact us with any questions.

Sharon Sampson & Donna Schultz

The Costuming Academy thecostumingacademy@gmail.com  | 818.929.5158 

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