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The 48 Hour Film Project: Missoula

The 48 Hour Film Project is an international, time-based filmmaking event that challenges filmmakers to create a short, 4-7 minute, film in a mere 48 hours. The event is run in over 110 cities across 6 continents and we are bringing the event to Missoula this May 31 – June 2, 2019.

Whether you’re a hobbyist, student, or a lifelong professional, the 48 Hour Film Project is a great way to test your newfound skills or provide a touchstone to why you got into filmmaking in the first place… It’s fun! It’s also a great opportunity to meet new filmmakers in your area and create creative and professional opportunities for yourself.

On Friday May 31, teams will assemble at the historic Roxy Theater in Missoula to sign in, draw their genres, receive their required elements and head out the door at 7pm to make their films. Films are due by 7:30pm on Sunday June 2 to be considered on time for judging. All films turned in, yes, including the late films will be screened a week later at MCT Performance Hall to a packed house. All films screened are eligible for the coveted Audience Favorite award! The films are then judged by a panel of Montana film professionals. This panel will award titles for the usual categories like Best Writing, Best Direction and Best Acting, but most importantly they will determine the year’s Best In City winner. The Best In City winner will then advance to Filmapalooza, the 48HFP’s international Best Of event in March 2020 in Rotterdam, Netherlands! It will then go up against all the other city winners from around the world for the coveted title of Best 48 Hour Film of 2020. The top 12-14 films from Filmapalooza will then be screened at the Short Film Corner at Cannes 2020!

How do you get involved? First, join our Facebook group to keep up on up to the minute details regarding this year’s event.

Second, register your team and secure your place in the event. Spots are limited to 24 teams, so sign up early before it fills up. Registration fee is $125, easily split up among your team members.

Third, sign up for our email list to stay current on happenings not only with the Missoula 48HFP, but with what is going on with the event worldwide.

Though the event is held in Missoula, participation is not limited to Missoula. You can compete from anywhere in Montana or the world as long as you have someone at the kickoff event and have someone manually turn in the film on Sunday, June 2 in Missoula.  Note: In Seattle, we once had a film shot in Mumbai, but kicked off and turned in by a friend of the filmmakers!

Kris Flink & Krk Nordenstrom

City Producers

The Missoula 48 Hour Film Project

Kris: 425.652.2731

Krk: 206-409-2466



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