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Montana Film Office

Student Sci-fi Film Seeks to Cast in Missoula

A group of MFA students from the University of Montana’s Media Arts program are looking to cast their short sci-fi film in Missoula. The film will be shot near the end of July with pay being dependent on funds available to the production. All interested parties or questions should be directed to Synopsis and sought roles follow.

Synopsis: Dale is a vibrant, creative 3rd grader. He exhibits all signs of a budding artist, but his parents and teachers want high test scores, not brush strokes. With the test only days away, the pressure upon Dale escalates, and a light is cast on the shocking truth of Dale’s reality.

1) DALE: male, ages 7-10
Lead. 3rd grader.
shy, quiet, thoughtful.

2) JANE: female, ages 7-10
Dale’s classmate.
intelligent, suspicious type.

3) MRS. MORROW: female, ages 40+
Dale’s teacher.
strict, disciplinarian

4) CATHY: female, mid-30s
Dale’s mother.
young, healthy parent. strict tendencies. concerned.

5) JOHN: male, mid-30s
Dale’s father.
young, healthy parent. concerned.

6) DOCTOR: male, ages 40+
The family doctor.
air of intelligence, sophistication, experience.