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Student Film Seeks Bozeman/Livingston Area Cast (PAID)

Montana native Jenna Ciralli ( is returning to Bozeman Sat, June 13th, and Sun, June 14th to cast Columbia University MFA thesis film “Willow Creek Road,” shooting late August in Bozeman & Livingston areas. PAID gig. Will be submitted to film festivals, globally.

Email: for an audition slot & name character you are auditioning for from below list. Please include a picture and bio. Parents can read the script and see the lookbook ahead of time. Very professional team: kind, talented & care greatly about the project and child actors’ comfort. Kids bring friends!

Willow Creek Road explores a day in the life of Ruth, a woman defined by both her work and a painful secret. When Ruth is asked to take time off from work, she becomes obsessed with her neighbor Joey, a neglectful single mother. Ruth slowly assumes the role of mother when Joey fails to pick up her kids from school. The two women must face each other, and ultimately themselves, when Joey returns home. WCR is set in rural Montana where the heightened emotion of these women is matched by the grand Montana sky, plains, & mountains.

Professional, talented team from NYC area seeks the following roles:

JOEY DISALVO – (35-45) Single mother of two kids, Lilly (7) and Sam (3). Feminine and tough, in love with her children but cannot show up on time to pick them up. A hot mess: free-spirited and charming, but also volatile and unreliable. A waitress. Probably a woman who grew up in Butte, MT. Prototype: Gena Rowlands – Woman Under the Influence, Erin Brockovich

LILLY – (7) Joey’s oldest daughter and caretaker for the family. Supports her sibling Sam (3) while her mother is away. Has survived by taking responsibility for the household. Loves to have fun but also has a melancholy associated with being the responsible one. An old soul.

SAM – (3) girl or boy — preferably a boy. The baby of the family. Unhinged and spontaneous, in constant need of supervision and attention. Loving, endearing, needy.

ROBERT – (60) 1 main scene. Kind eyes, Montana born and raised. Has worked in agronomy his whole life. Ruth’s boss. Understanding but strict and practical when pushed to his limit.

MONICA – (28) 1 main scene. An after-school attendant at rural Pine Creek School (pre-K and elementary students), enthusiastic and bubbly, but also has her own agenda & life to live. Hasty.

REGISTER LADY – (40’s, 50’s) 2 lines… very much a Montana local, born and raised, small town gal. Reflects the local flavor of a place like Livingston, Willow Creek, Manhattan, Three Forks, etc.

DELIVERY MAN – (30’s, 40’s) 1 main scene. Jovial, engaging, adept at his job. Ruth signs for the package as Joey DiSalvo with him, as he comments on the kids. Important scene where we see Ruth assume Joey’s identity.

MARTHA – (60-70) Joey’s mother. Butte born and raised. Shows up in her running suit with fake jewelry and heavy make-up on. Concerned, a worry wort.

FEATURED roles –

OLD MAN – (70’s or 80’s) Neighbor to Ruth and Joey. He picks up his newspaper on Ruth’s morning runs and they exchange courteous nods.



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