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Short-Script Casting & Crew Call for the Project, “Checkmate”

Selway Studios

Selway Studios is working on a Western-style, 7-page short script marketing project for Montana called “Checkmate.”

Written By: Joshua Michael & R.J. Gennari & Directed by Joshua Michael & Tabatha Bettin. This film project is meant to promote the Montana film industry and raise awareness of some of Montana’s history and beauty.

The project will consist of the short film “Checkmate” and a series of behind-the-scenes, short documentaries talking about the film industry in Montana. The goal is to showcase Montana’s rich history and inspire travel destinations like the mining town in Butte.

They are looking to fill the bar of Pine Bluff (actual shoot location Headframes in Butte) known as the Black Rose Saloon with town folks. Scheduled to shoot on Sunday, April 18th at the Headframes Tasting Room in Butte MT. They are inviting actors from all over to come and be part of this community project. All who come will be featured as extras in the film. We need cowboys, outlaws, bankers, business owners, and any other western type characters.

For more info: Visit their website: selwaystudiosllc.com or call 406.361.5776 or email selwaystudiosllc@gmail.com 

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