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Montana Film Office

Shopping Mall – Casting Call – May 2017


Shopping Mall – Synopsis

Three small town characters are inching toward their breaking points. This film explores their personal pain, suffering & madness which could bring all of them to kill as many as they can, at a local Shopping Mall in small town America.

Fifty people are dead and more injured. Three characters are present at the Mass Shooting: A Black Marine back from war, A lost and bullied Teenager and A trashy Redneck. Which one of them is mass murderer? The film follows the events in the lives of these characters just before the days of shooting.


NON-UNION, Paid  (SAG actors, refer to the Ultra Low Budget contract)


Casting for the following roles:

Tony: early 20’s, male, African American, tall, athletic

Dick: 50’s, male, white, out of shape

Aaron: teenager, male, white, tall, good looking, but awkward

Shawna: early 20s, female, white, tall, athletic

Frank: early 40’s, male, white, corporate upper management

Thao: early 30’s, female, asian, corporate middle manager

Cho: 40s, male, asian, poor english, lean

Marty: mid 20’s, male, white, tall, athletic

Vivian: mid 50’s, female, white, overweight

Kerry: mid 40’s, female, white, thin

Dr. Jordan: mid 40’s, male, white, tall and thin


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DIRECTOR: Raj Amit Kumar

Check his first film at: