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Performance Roads

We Have Roads: Montana’s magnificent scenery plays the backdrop to our highways and roads. Find meandering lake side highways, or roads cut through rolling hills easing up from the plains and dramatic two lane switchbacks twisting through towering snow-covered mountains. Whatever you’re looking for, our highways and roads will lead you there. But since Montana is such an enormous state, we couldn’t possibly list all our highways. And of course, we also have plenty of gravel, or just plain dirt, roads that can take you to remote areas.
AreaHighwayMountain BackdropRolling HillsOpen CountrySwitchbacksDips & CurvesLakes & RiversOther
Anaconda, ButtePintlar Scenic Route–State Hwy. 1XXXGeorgetown Lake
Pioneer Mountain Scenic Byway–Forest Hwy. 73XXforest, meadows
Big TimberU.S, Hwy. 191 (north)XXXXCrazy Mountains
BillingsU.S. Hwy. 87 (north)XXXbadlands
State Hwy. 3 (north)XXXno power lines
BIA Hwy. 91 (east)XXXbadlands, no fences or power lines
BozemanU.S. Hwy. 191 (south)XXXforest
Browning, East GlacierKiowa Highway–State Hwy. 49XXXXvast overlook into Glacier National Park
Kiowa Highway-State Hwy. 49 (Snow)
Heart Butte HighwayXXXXXno fences or power lines
Chief Mountain Hwy.–State Hwy. 17XXrock formations / buttes
St. Mary–U.S. Hwy. 89 (north)XXXXXXGlacier National Park
ButtePipestone Pass–State Hwy. 2XXrock formations
ChoteauU.S. Hwy. 89 (north)XXXXRocky Mountain Front
U.S. Hwy. 87 (south)XXXXRocky Mountain Front
Glacier National ParkGoing To The Sun Hwy.–Logan PassXXXengineering marvel
Great FallsRogers Pass–U.S. Hwy. 200XXXXXLewis & Clark route
U.S. Hwy. 89 (south)XXXXforest
HamiltonLost Trail Pass–U.S. Hwy. 93XXski area, forest
HelenaFlesher Pass–County Hwy. 279XXforest
I-15 (north)XXXXXinterstate, canyons
State Hwy. 141 (north)XXXXNevada Reservoir
Kalispell, WhitefishState Hwy. 35 (south)XXXFlathead Lake, forest
State Hwy. 83 (south)XXXmeadows, forest
U.S. Hwy. 93 (south)XXXFlathead Lake
LewistownU.S. Hwy. 191 (north)XXXno fences or power lines
State Hwy.s 80 & 81 (west)XXX


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