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Montana Means Mountain: Virtually every type of mountain can be found under the Big Sky. Grassy mounds ease up from the prairie, while flat-topped buttes command attention on the plains. Massive pine-covered ranges provide passage to boundless woods, and jagged peaks serve as the rugged sentinels of time.
Absaroka11,206 ft.S of Livingston, SE of Bozeman, N of Yellowstone National ParkHigh spires, ridges and peaks. Heavily forested to treeline. Eastern boundary is formed by the Boulder River. Western boundary is the Yellowstone River running through the Paradise Valley.
Anaconda–Pintler10,793 ft.SW of Anaconda, N of WisdomThe Anaconda-Pintlar Range lies between Anaconda to the north and the Big Hole Valley to the south. Nearly 40 miles long, it extends west to the Bitterroot Valley. Many wilderness lakes and peaks from 9,000 to over 10,000 ft. are located on the range.
Beartooth12,799 ft.S of Red Lodge, N of Cooke City, SW of BillingsAlpine vistas, treeless tundra plateaus, jagged peaks, lakes and waterfalls.
Big Belt9,472 ft.N – NE of HelenaLimestone cliffs, intricate rock formations, grassy meadows and pine forests.
Bitterroot11,393 ft.W of Hamilton, SW of MissoulaJagged pinnacles, rocky peaks, deep canyons and lush forest.
Bridger9,666 ft.N of Bozeman, NE of LivingstonAbrupt steep peaks above timberline and lakes
Cabinet8,738 ft.S of LibbyCraggy mountain peaks, lush forest slopes below timberline. A cedar forest.
Crazy11,214 ft.NW of Livingston/Big TimberRises up from plains. Peaks, serrated ridges; 23 peaks above 10,000 feet.
Gallatin10,992 ft.S of Bozeman, SW of LivingstonWaterfalls, lakes and creeks and forested with jagged, rocky peaks.
Glacier National Park10,466 ft.NE of Kalispell/Whitefish, W of BrowningMassive peaks lead to forested lower slopes, broken cliffs and walls sculpted by glaciers, and many lakes and streams.
Gravelly10,000+  ft.S of Virginia City, SW of Ennis, SE of AlderFrom the floor of the Madison Valley, the Gravelly Range seems a less rugged and gentle range of mountains approximately 40 miles in length. A well-maintained road follows the ridgeline, winding in and out of flower-covered meadows and forest groves, emulating a Sound of Music look. Black Butte looms up at the south end of the range.
Little Belt8,801 ft.SE of Great Falls, E of HelenaLow ridge system with timbered and talus domes, lush forests, and high grassy meadows.
Madison11,316 ft. E of Ennis, SW of Bozeman, N of West YellowstonePrecipitous mountain peaks and many lakes. Yellowstone National Park lies to the south.
Mission9,820 ft.N of Missoula, S of Kalispell and Polson, W of Seeley LakeAbrupt rise from valley floor. Beautiful lakes on both east and west sides.
Pryor8,786 ft.E of Red Lodge, S of Billings, W of HardinFlat benches, high deserts, mesas, buttes and deep limestone canyons. Partially forested.
Rocky Mountain Front9,392 ft.E of Great Falls, Augusta, Choteau, BrowningTowering limestone walls, deep canyons, peaks rising up from plains, grassy meadows, buttes, rivers and creeks.
Ruby9,000+ ft.E of Dillon, SW of AlderA small range of mountains approximately 15 miles long between Virginia City and Dillon. Highest peak is over 9,000 ft. The ownership is primarily Bureau of Land Management.
Swan (south)9,356 ft.S of Bigfork, N of Seeley LakeRugged mountain peaks stretch in unbroken line for 100 miles.
Swan (north)
Tobacco Root10,600 ft.N of Virginia City, NW of Ennis, E of Twin BridgesA dense concentration of peaks rise over 10,000 ft. Mt. Jefferson at 10,600 ft. is the highest. Has 40,000 acres of roadless area with numerous alpine lakes and old mining claims pocketed throughout. Best access is in the Meadow and Willow Creek drainages and the S. Boulder River.


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