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Montana Film Office

Shire Productions Content Distribution and Staffing

Filmmakers-Shire Productions is accepting content for distribution and looking for original content, as well as staff.

As with any business transaction, review all contracts carefully, and do not hesitate to clarify terms.

You must do your own due diligence.

Disclaimer: The Montana Film Office presents connections to filmmakers, but does not

sponsor or endorse these connections.

ShireProduction Letter

Sales and Marketing Division

Job Description

We are looking for an energetic, self motivated and organized individual to join our dynamic sales team.  Responsibilities with include, but are not limited to:

  • Procuring funding for production projects
  • Retaining advertisers for Shire network
  • Selling subscriptions for Shire streaming network
  • Finding content for Shire network, affiliates and movie production


The position being offered is a non-exclusive independent contractor sales position. It is a commission based position and the following is an example of said compensation.

Sales staff compensation

  • Production Projects

2% upfront for total amount of budget procured by sales associate

Up to 60% of Net remaining budget balance

  • Advertisers

20% of gross Revenue from advertisement spots sold on the Shire Network

5% of cash value pertaining to product placement, sponsorship or barter transaction

  • Subscription Sales for Shire

$.50 for each $2.99 membership sold

$2.00 for each $5.99 membership sold

$4.00 for each $9.99 membership sold

  • Finding content and Projects for Shire Productions

Weekly show: 3% upfront of gross seasonal budget amount and 10% Net remaining budget balance paid per episode

Full length feature: 2% of gross budget and 25% of net remaining budget

Mini-series: 3% upfront of gross seasonal budget amount and 15% Net remaining budget balance paid per episode

Musical Content for Jukebox: 10% of monthly subscription sale price, paid per month


Projected / estimated amounts for advertising products

*3 month plan for once a day commercial on streaming channels (Prices increase based on time zone broadcast peak hours)


$1000 for 3 months (3:01am – 6:00am)

$3,600 for 3 months (6:01am – 9:00am)

$5,400 for 3 months (9:01am – 12:00pm)

$7,200 for 3 months (12:01pm – 6:00pm)

$9,000 for 3 months (6:01pm – 9:00pm)

$7,200 for 3 months (9:01pm – 12:00am)

$1,800 for 3 months (12:01am – 3:00am)


*Prices for product placement, sponsorships, seasonal series, or theatrical budget funding and/or single show sponsorship are subject to the terms of that agreement.


If interested in a sales position with Shire Productions please contact, Phil Walley (702) 292 – 5010, or Carl Carter (571) 215 – 9252,



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