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Montana Film Office

Our Services

When we say we’ll help you get your picture made, we mean rolling up our sleeves and providing a variety of on-the-ground scouting and production services that save you time and money before you shoot your first scene.

Scouting: Montana Film Office has an extensive photo library of Montana locations. These are ideal for narrowing options, creating storyboards, making presentations to execs and more. We happily research and share these photos with productions interested in shooting here. In addition, we can provide up-to-date information regarding locations, travel times, nearby services, permitting, and more.

Production Assistance: Montana has a surprising depth of production services, from crew to equipment. We can provide you with information and contacts for those professional services as well as for accommodations, transportation, catering and more.

Liaison: Montana has millions of acres of stunning, accessible public land. We can help you target the permitting processes for federal, state, and tribal agencies, in addition to city and county governments. We also have excellent contacts in the private sector and can reach out to Montana residents to introduce their facilities, homes, and lands as locations.

Reel Scout iPhone App: Our new custom app gives you on-the-move support to search locations, find crew, rent equipment, and more. Contact us or connect to the Apple’s App Store here.

For more on production services please call our office at 800-553-4563.