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Montana Film Office

A Quiet Intensity: Benicio Del Toro embodies Montana Character in Jimmy P.

Image courtesy of IFC Films.

Bold, dramatic, and with consistency only in change, the Rocky Mountain Front is one of the most dynamic landscapes in Montana. When you add to that an actor the press calls “amorphous” in his performances, it’s a perfect pairing.

Benicio Del Toro, a Puerto Rico born and Pennsylvania-raised actor, brought just that kind of character to Browning-area when he shot Jimmy P. in 2011. Directed by the acclaimed French director, Arnaud Desplechin, Del Toro played a World War II veteran who became the case-study for a renowned ethnologist and psychoanalyst Georges Devereux.

Set on the Blackfeet reservation in the late ’40s the film follows Jimmy as he attempts to heal under the watchful eye of Deveruex, all set against the unique character of the Blackfeet reservation and Rocky Mountain Front.

The production hired 35 Montana crew members and used 40 Montana service providers. There were 125 enrolled or descendent Native Americans that played extras in the film and 10-20 ‘day-playing’ Native American actors or crew throughout the entire production.

Writer Brian D’Amrosio recently interviewed Del Toro about his time in Montana where the actor said, “I saw the beautiful sky, the beautiful horizons…It was like something out of a John Ford movie, from another era.” Read the rest of the interview with ” Benicio Del Toro on filming in Montana for movie about Blackfeet veteran” by Brian D’Ambrosio in The Missoulian