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Press Release: Montana Film Actor’s Studio Announces Intro Meeting

The Montana Film Office is happy to report that Montana crew member and film community mentor, Tina Buckingham, has announced a special introductory meeting for her group The Montana Film Actor’s Studio. Located in Bozeman, the MAS provides both support and development opportunities for actors in the state of Montana. With years of casting experience and a passion for the world of film, Tina and MAS are dedicated to showcasing the talent Montana has to offer. See the full release below.


Montana Film Actor’s Studio Introductory Meeting

For more information contact:

Tina Buckingham


For the actor (or the actor within) Montana Film Actor’s Studio in Bozeman provides monthly meetings in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We teach acting for film and the business of film acting with a little life-coaching thrown in for your self-esteem.

Now beginning its 7th season, members of the studio get hands-on experience, inspiration, education and insight into the film business in and from Montana. It’s also a place to network and socialize with other actors and filmmakers.

Meetings include instruction with Casting Director (and director of MAS) Tina Buckingham who boasts almost 40 years in the business. Her primary job has been to find talent for feature films and commercials, and she has worked on many of the movies filmed in Montana. She teaches from the Casting Director’s point-of-view. Most meetings include scene-study and cold reading with video playback for critique. In addition we have other opportunities including guest speakers and table readings of full film scripts.

There will be a special introductory meeting on Wednesday, September 25th from 5:30 to 6:30 in the small meeting room of the Bozeman Public Library, followed by the 1st monthly meeting of the new year from 7:00-9:00.

The first meeting is free to try. Family discounts and scholarships are available.  Included in the membership fee are the monthly meetings, emailed information and links to film news and sites. Additionally, you will receive career advice and mentorship, contacts, and opportunity to be submitted for film and commercial auditions.

Membership is just $100/year. We encompass all ages and varying career levels but the general membership is 12 and over. The Studio is dedicated to discovering new talent, polishing talent and showcasing talent.




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