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From Plains to Rugged Range: Montana Makes YouTube a Little More “epic.”

By the soft light of a gas lantern, paddling through a torrential downpour, even halfway up a sheer cliff of ice, the adventurers of Epic Montana capture the Big Sky’s most exciting recreational moments up close and personal.

Started six months ago, Epic Montana has been serving up both extreme adventure and true backcountry recreation from every corner of Montana. Supported by funds from the Big Sky Film Grant, producers Nick Davis and Mick Faherty sought to translate their own passion for the waters and mountains of Montana into breathless Montana moments of awe for YouTube viewers everywhere.

With backgrounds in outdoors television with Barrett Communications (and a bit of the penchant for the outdoors), Nick and Mick have a solid sense of what can make Montana shine on screens big and small. “We had high expectations to begin with,” Davis told the Montana Film Office, “but we’ve been absolutely blown away by the quality and quantity of film work being performed in the Montana outdoors on a seemingly daily basis.”

While the Montanans featured on the site aren’t newcomers in the sports and recreation communities, they are far from detached stars of other reality shoots. From Montana outdoor icons like Max Lowe and Landon Gardner to Montana outfitters and hunters with awesome camera skills, Epic’s on-screen personalities bring a down-to-earth feel to the surreal beauty of the Montana outdoors.

Humor and good-natured “come what may” attitudes add authenticity to Epic’s videos, really bringing the welcoming spirit of Montana to every video. “What’s your favorite part about fishing?” Joe Cummings asks a young fisherman at the beginning of “Youth Fish,” a tribute to familial bonding on Montana’s many rivers and streams. “Eating cookies!” comes the enthusiastic response. What follows is a two-minute, beautifully shot PSA showcasing the simplicity and fun that can allow all outdoors enthusiast, Montanan or not, to really connect under the Big Sky.

While Epic does work with some outside producers and videographers to create content that can really highlight all the Montana backcountry has to offer, it is also passionate about teaming up with the MFO and the Big Sky Film Grant process to secure impressive and breathtaking content. Leveraging that kind of content has really given the Epic team a chance to say, in Davis’ words, “a lot about the reasons why we all live and work in Montana, and why we spend so much time outside.”

Subscribe to the Epic Montana Channel on YouTube and keep up with all the great outdoor stories Montana has to offer and really allow yourself to Get Lost in the Last Best Place without ever having to leave yours.



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