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Open Casting Call for Indie Feature Film

OPEN CASTING CALL for indie feature film – We Burn Like This

May 4th & 5th – 10 am to 6 pm at the Yellowstone Repertory Theatre Studio: 111 N 30th Street, #225, Billings, MT (2nd floor above Art House Cinema & Pub). SIGN UP for an audition time by emailing

Seeking actors for lead and supporting roles for low budget indie feature filming in Billings and Butte mid-June to mid-July 2019. 

Bring a headshot (or recent photo) and a resume. Acting experience preferred but not necessary. Sides from the script will be provided at the location. If you cannot make the audition but would like to be considered, please email your headshot and resume to

WE BURN LIKE THIS is love song to the descendants of diaspora. Rae, a 22 year old Jewish girl and descendant of Holocaust survivors comes-of-age in today’s Montana. She uncovers issues of self worth, addiction, and buried childhood trauma which she must learn to face and heal.

We are seeking actors who can portray vulnerable, open-hearted, and honest performances. This is a character driven film, and actors will be supported in the process to do their best work. Director has a background in theater acting, and past training includes Shakespeare & Company, Berkshire Theatre Festival’s Apprentice Program, The O’Neill Center’s National Theater Institute, and St. Petersburg Dramatic Arts Academy in Russia, as well as USC School of Cinematic Arts.

RAE – LEAD ROLE (early 20s, Polish Jewish) is a smart woman on the brink of becoming. She’s a little lost, a little reckless, and wants more out of life. Lately, she’s been pushing every envelope she can find. Her desperation for more manifests in self destructive choices that she may or may not come back from.

YOUNG RAE – SUPPORTING ROLE (4, Polish Jewish). Young Rae is the younger self of the main character, Rae. Young Rae is spunky and ready to play, and hates to be left alone. 

WOLF – SUPPORTING ROLE (40s-50s) is a dealer. He is the kind of guy who would sell to teens. He’s seen better days, and grapples with regret. He means well, ultimately, and his sensitivity comes through in his relationship with Rae.

JOHNNY – SUPPORTING ROLE (mid 20s) is Rae’s ex-boyfriend. He is self-centered and insensitive to Rae’s feelings. He comes from a family with a strict Christian background.

TIGER – SUPPORTING ROLE (late 20s) is the kind of guy that girls love to love and fathers love to hate. Tiger is exciting, mysterious, and is often is seen wearing a leather motorcycle jacket, though perhaps does not have a motorcycle. He dates Chrissy B. on and off.

GWEN – SUPPORTING ROLE (late 30s) is college educated and going down a dark path of drug use. Her appearance is often messy as she grapples with events in her life that are hinted at. She was raised with a strict Christian background.

ROB – SUPPORTING ROLE (40-60) Rob works with Rae for the Billings Downtown Association and helps to beautify the downtown area. He loves Montana and cares about making things better for others, and for his town.

JIM – SUPPORTING ROLE (early 20s) is Maggie’s new boyfriend. He is naive and a bit clueless, but means well. He tries his best to make friends with Rae, and thinks Maggie is the greatest woman of all time.

HANDSOME – SUPPORTING ROLE, DAY PLAYER (early 30s) is an old friend of Rae’s. Rae and Handsome have a deep connection, and like Rae, he was raised by a young mother who liked to party. In more recent years, he has found guidance and belonging in white supremacist movements.

YOUNG HANDSOME – SUPPORTING ROLE, DAY PLAYER (8). The younger self of a character than comes back into the story – called Handsome. Young Handsome is playful and contentious. He wants to do as he is told and be responsible. 

LAYNE – SUPPORTING ROLE (50s) is warm and kind with a Montana accent. She is a tour guide for Our Lady of the Rockies, and wants others to experience the support and comfort she has received from the monument.

CHRISTIAN WOMAN – SUPPORTING ROLE, DAY PLAYER (50s) is well dressed, and wants very much to help others and provide them with the guidance that has been so helpful to her. She approaches Maggie and Rae with flyers and encourages them to read the Bible for help.

KELLIE – SUPPORTING ROLE, DAY PLAYER (late teens, early 20s) is Johnny’s current girlfriend. She is fun, carefree, and friendly.



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