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Montana Film Office

MTV Series Casting Call

*UPDATED  11/14/2012*

Is your blended family driving you insane? Is your stepmother straight out of “Cinderella?” Is your stepfather endlessly embarrassing you and your siblings? Maybe your stepsiblings can be described as a dysfunctional Brady Bunch? Is there not enough space in the house for your family’s huge personalities? If this sounds like your over-­the-­top stepfamily—MTV wants to hear from you!!! They are looking looking for people from blended families who can’t believe they are living with a crazy stepmother /father/siblings under the same roof! Please email your full name, age and contact information (including phone # and email). PLEASE remember to include your phone number when responding to the casting. Tell them briefly about each of your family members and attach 4-­5 photos of you and your blended family. Be sure to visit MTV for more information.