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Move Me Productions Looking For Cast and Crew for Sci-fi Series

ASHESofSMove Me Productions, a new Montana production company, and owner Michael Peterson are launching its inaugural project, Ashes of Seraphim.

A five episode, fantasy webseries, Ashes, is now looking for cast and crew around the Helena area.

Specifically, they are looking for actors, art department interns, and production assistants in and around the Helena area.

Move Me will host an open casting call and interview potential crew on the 11th of January from noon to 4:30 p.m. in the small meeting room of the Lewis and Clark Library. Click here for directions.

There will be no paying positions for this production, BUT all cast and crew will have meals covered and as well as a copy of the completed project and credit attributed to them.

Please bring a current resume and a headshot (actors) or a sample of your work (art department).

For more information on the project please see the Ashes of Seraphim Facebook page.

You may also email Michael at

These are the characters they are looking for:


Sarah is between 33 – 40. She attempts to be a simple woman with a simple smile. In fact, she is a strong leader with a thick skin. She is crippled in her left leg, and has to walk with a cane. She is uncomfortable with consciously pushing herself, but her integrity always places her in situations that test her physical and emotional boundaries. When push comes to shove, her quick wit and strength emerges to dominate her limiting beliefs. At the end of the day, her smile unsuccessfully masks her deep sadness over the untimely death of her three year old daughter, Lillian.


Preen is between 19 – 25. A deeply disturbed young woman, she harbors a bitter jealousy towards her sister. She wears a mask of innocence and docility, but her true face is traitorous and dangerous. She is completely devout to her peoples’ faith, and that has led her to murder her kin, and betray dozens, resulting in their deaths.


Mammon is between 50 – 55. He is a second generation High Priest. Nepotism notwithstanding, Mammon had to rise through the ranks. For the majority of his 20’s and 30’s, he was an upstanding priest, a group are more akin to a police force who enforce their religion’s strict commandments. Upon becoming High Priest, Mammon discovered he will just be a puppet to the Shadow Walkers, the real and very sinister controlling entities. Over time, Mammon has become self-loathing; he is tired of his pseudo power, the facade of fear he commands over a deceived people, and the impotence of being a puppet.


Cameron is in his early thirties; affable, soft spoken, and sincere, he is an honorable man, so it was not a fleeting passion that brought him to Sarah. He believes he loves her more than anything, even his own wife, Mila. He and Sarah had an illegitimate child together, a mortal sin in the eyes of their faith. Cameron’s ties to the resistance were able to keep the pregnancy and subsequent birth a secret. Outwardly, the death of their child was devastating, but in truth, he was relieved. He knew it was a secret that could not be kept forever.


The Boatman, Gebel, is in his late fifties and he is Sarah and Preen’s father. He started the resistance movement against their church. It was his lifelong dream to free his people from the binding religion and leave the caves they were commanded to mine. He was the first and only person to successfully escape the caves. He traveled for years, trying to find help for his people. He was eventually found by a warrior monk, who took him back to his monastery where he learned to fight, and to see as a mystic.




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