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Montana Film Office

Montana plays prominent role in Super Bowl commercial

Of  all the commercials that ran during Super Bowl XLVII, none came close to generating as much social-media buzz as “Farmer,” a two-minute spot celebrating America’s agrarian roots and Dodge Ram pickups. Produced by Dallas-based Richards Group, the advertisement featured still photographs depicting day-to-day life on American farms and ranches, set against a 1978 monologue by legendary radio personality Paul Harvey. To produce the spot, the Richards Group commissioned 10 photographers, who shot a total of more than 90,000 photographs for the project. From those, 35 were chosen for inclusion. Remarkably, at least eight of the photographs featured in the commercial were shot on farms and ranches in Montana — a testament to the evocative appeal of the state’s landscape and people. Included were photographs of ranching families from the communities of Geraldine, Cut Bank and Browning, shot by photographers Kurt Markus and William Allard, both of whom keep homes in Montana. According to analytics company Bluefin Labs, “Farmer” generated 402,000 social media comments — 81,000 more than the second-most-commented commercial during the Super Bowl. The ad also ranked third in USA Today’s annual “Ad Meter” poll of more than 7,000 viewers.



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