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*All photos must be shot in Montana*
Except for Yellowstone National Park submissions

DEADLINE: January 31, 2017

Happy 2017! The Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development (MOTBD) is conducting a photo call to solicit images needed for promotional efforts and invites you to submit your original work for consideration.

DESIRED USAGE: Five year, non-exclusive rights for use on, social, earned, paid, and print media. Specific usage rights will be negotiated at time of purchase.

IN PERPETUITY USAGE: MOTBD may inquire about full rights in perpetuity for any of the images submitted.

PAYMENT SCALE: To be negotiated – competitive.

HOW TO SUBMIT: Please send a link to your gallery or lightbox to Kristin Gates at by January 31, 2017. All images must be tagged or labeled with the location. We will be reviewing photos on an incoming basis until February 10 and will begin the purchasing process shortly thereafter. Please keep your gallery or lightbox link live until the end of February.

DISCLAIMER: Please make sure all submissions for activity photos depict the appropriate safety gear (e.g., helmets for skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling, life jackets for water sports, etc.).

ALL SEASON SHOT LIST: We are looking for images of the following subjects in both warm and winter season.

–       Hot springs resorts and pools photos (variety of shots with people, without people, family photos, photos without kids, daytime and nighttime)

o   Symes Hot Springs Hotel & Mineral Baths (Hot Springs)

o   Sleeping Buffalo Hot Springs (Saco)

o   Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort (Paradise)

o   Lolo Hot Springs Resort (Lolo)

o   Spa Hot Springs (White Sulphur Springs)

o   Boulder Hot Springs (Boulder)

o   Fairmont Hot Springs (Anaconda)

o   Lost Trail Hot Springs (Sula)

o   Elkhorn Hot Springs (Polaris)

o   Norris Hot Springs (Norris)

o   Bozeman Hot Springs (Bozeman)

o   Jackson Hot Springs Lodge (Jackson)

–       Yurt photos (inside and outside shots, cozy ambience shots, shots with and without people, shots with people dining, etc.)

–       Moose photos (shots with moose in scenic landscapes)

–       Family fun photos (any shots with families and kids enjoying outdoor recreation against a majestic backdrop)

WINTER SHOT LIST: We are looking for images of the following subjects specifically in winter.

–       Fly fishing photos (shots with snow, shots with women, shots with people wading in rivers, shots with majestic winter backdrops, etc.)

–       Ice climbing photos (action shots, wide angle shots with people, shots that show epic scale)

o   Hyalite Canyon

–       Ski/snowboarding photos (epic shots in powder, groomed or trail, ski shots of powder at ski area)

–       Après skiing activity photos (shots of people socializing in lodges with and without ski gear on, shots with people gathering around a fireplace or fire pit, shots with people drinking hot chocolate, family shots, etc.)

–       Polebridge, MT photos (shots of Polebridge Mercantile in winter, cabins with snow, general town shots, shots with and without people, etc.)

–       Garnet Ghost town photos (shots of cabins and winter activities, shots with snow, shots with people, cross-country ski and snowmobiling shots)

–       Rocky Mountain Front photos (sweeping, majestic shots of Rockies meeting plains, shots with road/highway visible, shots with interesting cloud formations, shots at sunrise or sunset)

–       Sleigh ride photos (shots with families, couples, daytime, evening, and nighttime shots)

o   Cripple Creek Horse Ranch (Trego)

o   Bar W Guest Ranch (Whitefish)

o   Double Arrow Lodge (Seeley Lake)

o   The Resort at Paws Up (Greenough)

o   Bozeman Sleigh Rides (Bozeman)

o   Broken Hart Ranch (Gallatin Gateway)

o   320 Guest Ranch (Big Sky)

o   Cache Creek Outfitters (Big Sky)

o   Lone Mountain Sleigh Ride Dinners (Big Sky)

o   Beartooth Wagon & Sleigh Rides (Red Lodge)

–       Ice skating photos (general shots in scenic landscape, shots with families skating outdoors)

–       Ice fishing photos (shots with families, shots on sunny/clear days, shots of festivals, etc.)

SUMMER SHOT LIST: We are looking for images of the following subjects specifically in summer.

–       Flathead Lake photos (shots showing clear water, lakebed, shots with people and families, activity shots, scenic landscapes, etc.)

–       Ghost town/mining town photos (shots with and without people and families, shots highlighting activities and events, shots of buildings)

o   Coloma (Missoula)

o   Granite Ghost Town State Park (Philipsburg)

o   Marysville (Marysville)

o   Rimini (Helena)

o   Virginia City (Virginia City)

o   Zortman (Zortman)

o   Elkhorn State Park (Boulder)

o   Alder Gulch (Virginia City)

o   Karst’s Camp (Big Sky)

o   Laurin (Alder)

–       Scenic river photos (scenic landscapes, shots with and without people)

o   Missouri River

o   Jefferson River

o   Big Hole River

o   Madison River

o   Gallatin River

o   Smith River

o   Yellowstone River

o   Blackfoot River

o   Bighorn River

o   Milk River

o   Clark Fork River

o   Flathead River

o   Powder River

o   Kootenai River

o   Swan River

–       Watersports photos (shots of families/people standup paddleboarding, kayaking, canoeing, rafting, tubing, water skiing, and sailing)

–       Fishing photos (shots of women, children and families fishing, scenics, etc.)

–       Rock climbing photos (shots showing epic climbs/scale)

–       Camping photos (shots with families, shots with tents, shots with RVs, hero-worthy shots with scenic landscapes, shots at sunrise or sunset, etc.)

–       Road trip photos (country-road driving shots, shots that convey sense of adventure, shots from backroads in Eastern Montana)

–       Brewery event/festival photos (shots of people at festivals, crowd/atmosphere shots, shots of friends)

–       Theater photos (shots of performances, people, entertainment, shots of exteriors and interiors with and without people)

o   Fort Peck Theater (Fort Peck)

o   Wilma Theatre (Missoula)

o   The Roxy Theater (Missoula)

o   The Ellen Theatre (Bozeman)

o   Mother Lode Theater (Butte)

–       Rodeo photos (shots of families, activities, action, shots displaying rodeo/cowboy/western culture, indoor and outdoor shots, atmosphere shots)

–       Northern Lights/starry night photos (inspiration shots of Northern Lights, time lapses or galaxy shots)

Thank you in advance for your contributions. Please contact with any questions! We look forward to working with you.



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