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Montana Film Office

Montana Film Producer Michael Wickes, is seeking to bring an Assistant Documentary Film Producer on-board

Montana Film Producer Michael Wickes, is seeking to bring an Assistant Documentary Film Producer on-board:

Job Description : Assistant documentary film Producer.
–       Advanced film making, organizational, communication skills and computer skills are absolutely necessary.
–       Experience as a producer is a plus. Project management skills in long-format storytelling and workflow.
–       Starting office hours (approx 20 per week) are Monday through Wednesday – more hours w/experience. Office located in n.e. Bozeman, MT

Position Responsibilities :
The Assistant Producer is responsible for pre-production office support and on-location production assistance including:

– Interview and shoot planning
– Assembling the production crew
– Arranging travel and transportation for production
– Working with categorical production budgets
– Developing shot list and researching locations
– Pulling permits and other compliances
– Researching issues related to film
– Developing interview questions
– Media asset management (Digital masters and storage)
– Basic editing
– Researching funding options
– Manage database and assets
– Office support

During this process the Assistant Producer will behelping to develop the story and gain a detailed knowledge and understanding about the issues presented in this film. These are key issues that will affect our country at large and must be handled with respect and professionalism.

Required Education and Experience :
– Associate or Bachelor degree in communications, broadcasting, or film with an emphasis on digital cinema production.

– 2-4 years of production experience in documentary filmmaking or similar production experience.

-Ability to demonstrate organized project management skills for media production.

Required Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities :
Knowledge of current production tools, i.e. Cameras, lighting, audio, digital workflow, and media management. Postproduction knowledge is a plus.

Please send Resumes to ::

Thank you!



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