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MFO-News-LogoRoy W. Dean Spring Grant Now Accepting Applications

The Roy W. Dean Spring grant is now soliciting applications for unfinished or proposed documentaries, short films, and features that are “unique and contribute to society.” The winner of the grant will receive $2,000 in cash and nearly $30,000 in film services, goods, and support to complete their project.

Services and goods included in the $30,000 of support include time from editors, colorists, and legal teams, as well as goods from G-Technology, Abelcine Tech NY, Nice Shoes, and Edgewise Media.

All applicants will also receive a consultation with Carole Dean, head of the non-profit grant sponsor, From The Heart Productions.

For more information you can go to or email her at

Montana film “Intervals” Launches Indiegogo campaign

Montana filmmaker Tom Stagg has launched an Indiegogo campaign to assist with brining his latest project to life.

The shot entitled, “Intervals”, tells the true story of a piano tuner who was able to bring one of this lifelong clients, a gifted pianist with dementia, out of the mental haze that was her daily life and into moments of genuine connection through the power of a piano.

The film is slated to begin production in just under a week and is seeking funds for both shooting and post-production.

More information can be found on the film’s social channels and sites:

The Sandy Animator and Crew Make International Animation Festival Cut

Corrie Francis Parks, a Big Sky filmmaker better known as “The Sandy Animator”, and a team of HATCH alumni have had their collaborative short “Hatch” accepted into the Annecy Film Festival in Berlin this June.

Born out of the most recent HATCH experience in Bozeman, Mont. the short highlights Parks’ characteristic sand-and-light box animation technique scored to music by award-winning composer, Phillip Sheppard (“In the Shadow of the Moon”) and edited by Bozeman designer Jesse Barney.

More information about the festival acceptance and other films in the category may be found at:
“Hatch” as well as Parks’ other works (including her last year’s Annecy selection, “A Tangled Tale”) may be viewed on her Vimeo page.



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