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Montana Film Office

Montana Animator Leaves to Take on International Film Fest

CorrieMontana is home to every type of filmmaker there is, even animators! Montana-based director Corrie Francis Parks has been selected to show her short film “A Tangled Tale” at the Annecy International Film Festival.

Started in the 1960s, Annecy is the premiere animation festival in the world. Each year, the world’s best animators from across all genres meet to screen each other’s work, exchange ideas and celebrate the immense, fascinating world of animation.

Parks produced her film using sand on an illuminated light-box and captured each sand drawing with a digital camera. Through the process of creating “A Tangled Tale”, she created 4385 individual sand drawings.  “It’s a high-consequence form of animation, because there is no way to go back and make corrections. The forward momentum is what carries me through the long hours under the camera,” she explained.

After two years of dedicated work, a successful Kickstarter campaign, and music by Sundance Institute Fellow Mark Orton, Parks finished “A Tangled Tale”, an experience she insists was nothing short of “amazing”.

More information is available on Parks’ sand animation technique and the film itself on “A Tangled Tale” ‘s website.


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