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Missoula Film Fest Offers Unique Opportunities


1-Minute Missoula doesn’t charge admission. They let you bring your own concessions. And their air conditioning is fueled by Mother Nature herself.

With so many diverse and creative events taking place in our film community, the Montana Film Office is always delighted to see innovative opportunities from Montanans like 1-Minute Missoula festival creator Amy Stout.

Originally started as an MFA thesis project for Stout, 1-Minute Missoula was introduced to give Missoulians a chance to tap into their own unique talents and vision and project those on to the screen. The festival encourages its entrants to use any and all available technology, develop new skills, and reach out to members of their community to create short digital films.

After three years, the festival is still true to its roots as many of the films are DIY from around the local community. However, Stout has been seeing entries from neighboring communities like Portland and even from as far away as Serbia and the UK.

Selected films are screened on an abutment on the south side of the Higgins Street Bridge off the Hip Strip in downtown Missoula. While there aren’t prizes or even entry fees yet, the festival is hopeful that with continued audience participation and interest such things aren’t far in the future.

Stout says that most entries don’t come from professional filmmakers. In fact the films, which run the gambit from minute long clips shot on a phone to media arts projects to narrative and animation productions, come from a variety of skill levels and sources.

A change this year for 1-Minute is the partnership with the Missoula Fringe Festival, a three day celebration of alternative and performance theater all across the city. Billing itself as an “avenue to showcase bold, fresh, and original” works, Fringe Fest is the perfect fit for 1-Minute Missoula filmmakers and their audience.

Supported by volunteers and businesses around Missoula, the festival is a distinct voice and a welcome place for many different elements of the Montana film community to come together, one minute at a time.

For more information or to become involved with the festival, contact Amy Stout.


Submission deadline:

Wednesday, August 14 2013


Friday, August 16, 9:00 p.m., under the Higgins Street Bridge – south side of the Clark Fork River in the parking lot between the Missoulian and the Boone and Crockett Club



Amy Stout / 406.425.3573 /




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