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May 2012 – Press & News


rockford‘Mountain Men’ TV series features former Rockford residents


They see wolves outside their Montana home in the woods. And a grizzly tore into a pigeon house on their property last fall. But their fear is forest fires, with lightning storms a big concern.

Former Rockfordians Tom and Nancy Oar’s surroundings and lifestyle will be featured on a new “Mountain Men” series on the History Channel starting May 31. Tom tans mostly deer hides, as well as mink and beaver, to sell as their main source of income. Nancy has killed chickens for their meals; the nearest grocery store is 50 miles away. A History Channel news release calls Tom and the other two men who will be showcased as “true American originals.” And it says “these Mountain Men are the last of their kind, and the clock is ticking.”

Click here for a PDF of the article from Rockford Register Star. Photo by History Channel.



ftpeckFort Peck Dam featured in new MontanaPBS documentary premiering May 21


The construction of the colossal dam at Fort Peck, Mont., which manifested the promise of America when it was built 75 years ago and still stands as one of the greatest achievements in the history of the American West, is the subject of a historical documentary that will premiere at 8 p.m. Monday, May 21, on MontanaPBS.

Compiled from thousands of archival photographs and hours of film, mixed with modern footage, “Fort Peck Dam” tells the story of the dam’s construction in human terms. The idea for the project was born in the midst of the Great Depression, when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt set to tame the mighty Missouri River by building what was, at the time, the world’s largest dam.

Click here for a PDF of the article from MSU News. Photo by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


huuteriteNatGeo will air series about Montana Hutterite colony


A new documentary series following a Hutterite colony in Montana will soon air on the National Geographic Channel. Aaron Flint, a radio talk show host on the Northern News Network, says that last month he was staying at The Yogo Inn in Lewistown and learned that there was a documentary crew in town to film the King Colony near Lewistown.

The producer of the program, Jeff Collins, will be the guest on Flint’s “Voices Of Montana” radio program on Tuesday, May 29th. “Voices Of Montana” airs on KQDI in Great Falls weekdays at 9 am. The documentary series, titled “American Colony: Meet The Hutterites,” will begin airing on the National Geographic Channel on Tuesday, May 29th. See the show schedule, video clips, and overview at the NatGeo website.

Click here for a PDF of the article from KTVQ News.



yellowstone‘Where the Yellowstone Goes’ filmmakers follow


While on a backcountry snowboarding trip together, Robert Hawkins, a Bozeman native and fly-fishing guide, mentioned to Hunter Weeks, a documentary filmmaker, his dream of someday floating the entire length of the Yellowstone River.

“You could just tell that the gears kind of started turning in his head,” Hawkins said of Weeks.

“I said that sounded like a really incredible journey, and it would also make a good film,” Weeks said.

Thus, the documentary film, “Where the Yellowstone Goes,” which has its world premiere this weekend in Bozeman, was born.

“I wasn’t aware of the significance of the river at that point,” said Weeks, the film’s director.

The Yellowstone is the longest undammed river in the lower 48 states. “Where the Yellowstone Goes” documents the 34-day float trip of the legally floatable portion of the Yellowstone River — from just outside Yellowstone National Park in Gardiner to the confluence of the Missouri River at Fort Buford, N.D. While the film includes plenty of fly-fishing, it also looks at issues that impact the river’s conservation and history. The film introduces to viewers the locals the crew met along the way and shows both the booming cities and dwindling towns through which the river passes.

Click here for a PDF of the article by Erin Madison of the Great Falls Tribune.



Montana hotel to be featured on national TV show


A historic downtown Billings hotel will soon be featured on a national television show.

Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible is coming to Billings next week to film an episode on the Dude Rancher Lodge. The show debuted in April and each episode features a hotel that is having problems or is not living up to its potential. Hotel Impossible performs a major transformation that helps get the hotel back on track and improve their business.

The Dude Rancher Lodge has been a part of Billings since 1950 offering guests a rustic, western-style stay while in the Magic City. The hotel is even a part of the Haunted Billings Tour every fall.

A Travel Channel publicist says the episode is set to air on the Travel Channel in early July.

Click here for a PDF of the article from the Kpax News.




MAPS student’s film nominated for regional Emmy award

The MAPS Media Institute after-school program is all about guiding students. It leads teens through real experiences of creating media content for clients. The teachers’ and students’ hard work was recently rewarded with a nomination for an Emmy award from the Northwest chapter of the National Academy of the Television Arts and Sciences.

The nomination was for director Luke McLean’s short film, “No Excuses, No Limits.” The film was made for Vocational Rehabilitation, a job service in Missoula focused on helping disabled Montanans. It features several people who used the service and overcame their disabilities in a great way.

“It’s really inspiring,” said MAPS founder and president Peter Rosten. “Being disabled does not, certainly in their lives, present a stop sign. All they see is green lights and they go for it.”

Click here for a PDF of the article from the Ravalli Republic.



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