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Lights up, phones out: Texting comes to the big screen

AbdualiFB1They’re before every play, every concert, and definitely before every movie. The big warning messages to turn off your cellphone and refrain from texting during the show.

But, Mike Stienberg, director of the Roxy Theater, isn’t having any of that any more. In fact, he’s encouraging movie goers to take out their phones and text throughout the whole picture.

In a join effort between Missoula’s Hellgate High School student government and the Roxy, Stienberg is pioneering the use of “movie chat” in Montana. A technology that has recently gained popularity in places such as Portland, Ore., “movie chat” allows viewers to text their thoughts to the screen and watch them appear on a feed below the movie.

Dubbing the new event “Text-O-Rama”, Stienberg and the Hellgate students hosting the event are hopeful that it creates a draw on the younger crowd to get involved with events in their hometown by creating an atmosphere of involvement and direction.

Tickets are $5 and available at the box office of the Roxy at 6 p.m. tomorrow night.  Proceeds from the screening will benefit a scholarship fund to assist students in attending the newly revitalized Montana Film Academy.

Read the full interview with Mike and the Hellgate students in The Missoulian.


What: “Twilight” presented in Text-O-Rama
Where: The Roxy Theater, Missoula, MT
When: 7 p.m., box office opens at 6 p.m.
Cost: $5, proceeds benefit Montana Film Academy scholarship
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