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Kick-starting Montana-made Projects

There are dozens of projects out there looking to tell stories about, in, and from Montana. Here are few that have crossed the MFO desks and are worth noting:

TOIVThings of Intrinsic Worth by Carly Calhoun & Sam Despeaux

“McRae family settled in southeastern Montana among the sandstone bluffs and fields of prairie grass in the 1880’s because it was a good place to raise cattle. There was plenty of clean water from the Rosebud Creek and the Tongue River that flowed through the unspoiled Tongue River Valley. Wally McRae and his son Clint continue the family tradition, raising cattle in the same unspoiled valley as their grandfathers and great-grandfathers did before. The McRaes are deeply devoted to this land and they carry on a tradition here of living by certain core principles: Protect and respect land and water. Help your neighbors and community. Live your life not solely to make profits. Make decisions knowing that the effects of your actions will be passed on to the next generation. Forces that lie in direct contrast to these principles are now threatening the McRaes and their neighbors, the American West, and the future of the climate.

Things of Intrinsic Worth follows the McRaes as they struggle to save their ranch and the Tongue River Valley amidst the encroaching forces of coal production. The McRae’s ranch sits in the epicenter of a battle over the power of corporations, government’s role in protecting citizens and the environment, and the future of the climate. The film weaves together a story that travels from the grasslands of Montana, to the Pacific Northwest, to energy hungry Asia.”

– Excerpt from the “Things of Intrinsic Worth” Kickstarter page


 WalterWalter by Hunter Weeks

WALTER was inspired by a visit to Walter Breuning, the oldest living man in the world at the time. He was 113 years old. A year later, Hunter Weeks and Sarah Hall set out to tell his story along with that of several living Supercentenarians by exploring their major contributions to the world and their personal philosophies on how they were able to make it past the 110 mark. Their journey helps capture the stories of the last few people born in the late 1800s. This movie celebrates life and will help people think differently about their personal timeline differently. Everyone has the chance to become the oldest living person in the world, which Guinness World Records recognizes as an official World Record.

– Excerpt from the “Walter” Kickstarter page



Docu_Stripped_Logo-300x150“Stripped” by Melissa Bring and Fleur Phillips

Spending four weeks in Montana visiting different strip-clubs in Montana, “Stripped” looks to capture the lives of the women involved in the expanding and shadowed strip-club industry. The project creators, Melissa Bring and Fleur Phillips, hope to use the multimedia pieces of their project to allow the dancers to be seen in a way that exposes them as the people they are and not mere the jobs they do.

In addition to the film, the project will be producing a book project with interviews of each of the women featured and photography complimenting the film portion. The book will act as another layer and informational companion to the feature length video documentary.

“We live in a country where either gender is said to have equal rights in the work place. Activists have fought diligently for decades to win equivalent respect and wages. In the land of opportunity, what instigates young women to pursue exotic dancing? Even more fascinating is the mindset of the “Middle-American” stripper.”

– excerpt from “Stripped” documentary website

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