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Tuesday, May 7, 2019: Governor Steve Bullock signed into law the Montana Economic Industry Advancement (MEDIA) Act, a tax credit for film productions in Montana.

The MEDIA Act provides for a 20% production expenditure tax credit, with additional components that can increase the transferable credit to a maximum of 35% of total base film production investment. Those add-on incentives can include:

• 25% of compensation for Montana resident crews

• 15% of compensation for non-Montana resident crew

• 30% of compensation paid to students

• 20% of above the line compensation per production or television series season, with ceiling

• 15% of compensation paid to actors

• 10% of payments to Montana colleges or universities

• 10% of all in-studio facility and equipment rental expenditures

• 5% of expenditures in a high poverty county

• 25% of post-production wages (Not effective until 2021)

• 5% for Montana screen credit

The incentive will become effective on July 1, 2019. Forms and guidelines are being created. The text of the bill can be found HERE. Until then, watch for updates and detailed information here on our website. We already know Montana is the Ultimate Location, and this will continue to strengthen our growing film industry!

And because it’s Montana, you also get…

  • No Sales Tax: So your dollars go farther.
  • No Minimum Spend: Montana welcomes all productions.
  • Accommodations Tax Exemption: Companies staying at the same hotel/motel for 30+ days are exempt from the 7% bed tax.
  • Licensing Exemptions: Out-of-state commercial vehicles and production-exclusive equipment are exempt from licensing requirements for 180 consecutive days (MCA 61-3-302).
  • Experienced Crew: Impressive feature and commercial experience that’s deep and work statewide.
  • Free Location Photos: We provide location photography, inside information, and assistance in finding and securing locations.
  • Free Traffic Signage: For productions on and near roadways, we offer high-visibility signs of varying kinds.
  • Free Location Breakdown: We’ll help breakdown your script, find the perfect spot, and hook you up with the crew and contacts.
  • Experienced Film Office: Staff that’s your partner through every phase of production.
  • Golden Hour Is Three Hours Long: You can get more done in less time with more production value than anywhere else.
  • Go Fishing Between Takes: We have some of the world’s best waters; although we can’t guarantee you’ll catch anything.
  • The Country’s Best Microbrews: Granted that’s a pretty bold statement, but after a long, productive day you’ll believe it.
  • Location Fees Are Inexpensive: Just remember to close the gate behind you.
  • You Can Average Around 70 Miles Per Between Locations: You can shoot urban in the morning and remote in the evening.
  • Interns Are Readily Available: More greenhorns than grunts, MSU’s and UM’s acclaimed film schools have plenty of eager volunteers.
  • The Scenery: The biggest distraction you’ll have to deal with.

Traffic signage available includes:
Men Working Ahead, Slow, and Prepare to Stop orange signs with weighted stands, road cones, and 40 lb. sand grip bags.



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Montana Film Office • 301 South Park Ave Helena, MT 59620 • tel: 800.553.4563 • 406.841.2876 • fax: 406.841.2877 •