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Montana Film Office

Flairdog Productions to Hold Open Casting/Crew Call

Flairdog Productions will be producing its second fiction feature movie this spring entitled “River Rats”. The road trip comedy will be shot in the Helena, Montana and the surrounding areas. A casting call will be held in Bozeman at the Video Communications Building on the campus of Montana State University at 10 a.m. and going to 4 p.m. on February 13th.

We are looking for local talent for both lead and supporting roles in the project. The leads are male with several female supporting roles. We are also interested in seeing actors or any age and experience for possible minor roles.

You will cold read from a script of our choosing for the initial casting call. A lot of the scenes are duets so if you want to read with your friends you are more than welcome. We will have an actual scene from the movie for you to read if you are called back after the casting call. We are interested in seeing how you adjust your talents on the fly and interpretation of the material given.

We are also interested in crew members who want to gain some experience on set. In particular, we are interesting in two or three people to shoot for us during the project. It will be a great opportunity to get something on your reel and get some work out to the festival circuit. We will pay a stipend plus any travel expenses to any crew members we select. You can sign up at the casting call or e-mail us to show your interest.

Shooting will start at the end of February and end in early June. We will be shooting weekends unless otherwise specified due to location availability.

Any questions please e-mail MarQ Piocos at Falirdog Productions




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