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It's incredible, the work at Tippet Rise! @TippetRise
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Tippet Rise @TippetRise
Happy Wednesday from #TippetRise. Here's a glimpse of Xylem, the incredible new pavilion created at the art center by @fuergando. Xylem opened to the public officially this past weekend. PC: our friend, @epetersenphoto.

Need to add some old west to your world? Missouri Breaks and The Ballad of Lefty Brown made this historic gold rush town their base camp! #montanamovies
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It Doesn’t Matter What form of Transportation you Use.
Don’t Forget to Visit Virginia City #Montana this Summer.

Sid Ramin, an Oscar-winning composer-arranger who adapted the music of "West Side Story" for the screen, has died at 100

Don’t forget, we’re back next week! Use your time off to catch up on Season One of @Yellowstone on Amazon: MTFilmOffice photo



Montana Film Office

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Montana Film Office
Montana Film Office
Montana Economic Development Industry Advancement (MEDIA) Act

During the 2019 Legislature, lawmakers passed, and Governor Bullock signed House Bill 293 to establish the Montana Economic Development Industry Advancement (MEDIA) Act, which is effective July 1, 2019.

With the MEDIA Act, Montana has a new tool to help get Montana stories told in Montana — and to help get the economic impact as well. Film is a powerful tool for promoting Montana.

Filming movies, TV shows and commercials in Montana elevates the awareness about our state and pumps outside dollars into our stores, hotels, and to 600 or more industry professionals.

The MEDIA Act provides for a 20 percent production expenditure tax credit, with additional components that can increase the transferable credit to a maximum of 35 percent of total base film production investment. Those add-on incentives can include:

• 25% of compensation for Montana resident crews
• 15% of compensation for non-Montana resident crew
• 30% of compensation paid to students
• 20% of above the line compensation per production or television series season, with ceiling
• 15% of compensation paid to actors
• 10% of payments to Montana colleges or universities
• 10% of all in-studio facility and equipment rental expenditures
• 5% of expenditures in a high poverty county
• 25% of post-production wages (Not effective until 2021)
• 5% for Montana screen credit

This incentive will allow us to better compete with other states and countries.

For information and updates, visit
Montana Film Office
Montana Film Office

Don't miss a great opportunity to see the award-winning Montana-made film "MICKEY AND THE BEAR" screening THIS SATURDAY, JULY 13th @ INDUSTRY CITY!

This event will feature a Q&A session after the film, with director Anabelle Attanasio and actor James Badge Dale!

Afterparty to follow Q&A!

Click below for more details : Tickets & Times
Montana Film Office
Montana Film Office
The Media Act is ready for applications! We are very excited to launch this program and look forward to many projects filming in Montana!
Montana Film Office
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Montana Film Office • 301 South Park Ave Helena, MT 59620 • tel: 800.553.4563 • 406.841.2876 • fax: 406.841.2877 •