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Extras Casting Call: “Cuisine de la ‘Pocalypse”



99 Productions is looking for extras of all ages to work on the upcoming show  “CUISINE DE LA ‘POCALYPSE”

10 years after the world as we know it ends, one aspiring Chef refuses to let his dream die and creates the apocalypse’s first cooking show. Filming Sept. 6 to Oct. 6, 2022.  3 Groups of background needed 4-5 days per group. Several roles available for men and women to be non-speaking background actors. It’s a non- paid job and can be very fun! 

Apocalyptic Townspeople – tattered and maybe “Mad Maxy”

Marauders – leather equipped, motorcycle “gang” types

And everyone’s favorite Zombies!! – Zombie and Butcher attire!!

Social Media pics, posts, daily.  Work as a local to Hamilton or Stevensville, MT.  If you’re interested, you can sign up by emailing name, phone, age range to 99prodextras@gmail.com

Questions? Email:

Nancy Bevins, Casting

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