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Montana Film Office

Elizabeth Guilliams Brings The Latest In Viral Video Gold to Montana

Lewistown, MT: Los Angeles based Director Elizabeth Guilliams scored big again by teaming
up with the Central Montana Medical Center (CMMC) located in Lewistown, MT. CMMC hired
Guilliams, a long time viral video guru, to deliver a commercial about their grant funded health
care for people with chronic conditions. While most directors would find this emotionally heavy
task daunting, Guilliams produced comedy gold in a 2 minute commercial she wrote and
directed highlighting the holistic care services CMMC offers 9 counties around Lewistown.
Managing the Herculean feat of shooting 10 setups in 10 hours with a mostly non-professional
cast, Guilliams maintains that the only way the production team made their shooting schedule
was that the entire community showed up to support the project. “Without everyone pitching in
to help, there is no way we would have succeeded” she states. Guiliams was blown away by
the local characters, scenic beauty and kindness of the community. Executive Producer,
Paul-Michael Carr says “I’ve never had such ease in permitting and locking locations as working
with the community of Lewistown and the Montana Film Commissioner. I would work here again
in an instant.” Impressed by the heart of the community, as well as the Montana Film Board,
Guilliams also cannot wait to return to Montana for her next project. She says, “I’d love to shoot
for adventure brands or other awesome causes out here. It’s just gorgeous and there’s so much
beauty to share.”