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Montana Film Office

Dark Frames Films is now looking for cast and crew for a non-union, micro-budget feature film

Dark Frames Films is now looking for cast and crew for a non-union, micro-budget feature film from the director and writers of “Unfreedom” (2014).

“Brown” (working title) is the story of an illegal immigrant who tries to make a new life in a small town. Despite his efforts to land a legitimate job, he falls in with the wrong crowd. Along the way, he’s befriended by a street-wise orphan girl who gives him a new perspective. Will he be able to save himself and the little girl, or will he fall into the hands of ICE Agents? Will he be able to make an honest life, or become ensnared by the criminal society that welcomes him?

“Brown” will be shot in Butte, Montana, after Thanksgiving to the first week of January, with a break for Christmas. All roles and positions are meals/lodging, credit, and copy (some positions may have additional/discussable perks). Community theatre types and graduates encouraged to apply. Please find the complete Cast and Crew calls, with email submission instructions, below the credits.

We are hosting an Open Casting and Crew Call in Missoula, MT on Saturday, November 4th, from 1pm-5pm, at Downtown Dance Collective. The link above is to the Facebook Event- please join and share with your friends and colleagues! A Bozeman casting call is tentatively scheduled for Saturday the 11th of November. Details to come. Even if you plan to attend the Missoula call, we welcome your information by email in advance, and will start a conversation with you from there.

Thank you, and Good Luck!

Ainsley Patterson
Production Coordinator
Casting Director

The Dark Frames Core Team is a collection of talented filmmakers, including experienced and award-winning professionals such as:

Dark Frames Films –
•       Producer/Director: Raj Amit Kumar –
•       Executive Producer/Co-Writer: Damon J. Taylor –
•       Director of Photography: Hari Nair –
•       Sound Design: Resul Pookutty –
•       Music Composition: Wayne Sharpe –
•       Locations Manager/DIT: Don Andrews –
•       Line Producer/UPM: Jenni L. Johnson –

Casting Leads:

•       Kat – Lead – (28-33) (Some nudity required) Caucasian, sweet, always speaks her mind.  Modern prostitute who enjoys her job. Falls in love with the lead male.
•       Rob – Lead – (40) Open Ethnicity, drug dealer, shake-down artist, crazy but likable. Sees killing his father for his inheritance as the only way out of the drug game.

Casting Supporting/Featured:

•       ICE Agent (30-45), Male, Caucasian, “deskjob chubby”
•       Dark (30-40), Male, edgy, brusque
•       Meth-Head (30-40), Male, Caucasian, scruffy
•       Rowdy Guy 1, 2, 3 (25-30), working-class rednecks out drinking
•       Paul, Rob’s Dad (75), Same ethnicity as Rob
•       Mother of Babysitter (40), Caucasian
•       Larry (40-50), Caucasian, middle-class guy who made a bad deal
•       Taxi Passenger 4 (40-50), Male, clean-cut
•       Strange Woman (recognizes Sasha) (30-50), edgy, addict, nosy
•       Police Officer (smokes) (35-40), male, chubby
•       Stabber (50-70), male, addict, scruffy
•       Landlord (40-60), female, friendly
•       Grocery Store Cashier, female, open age/ethnicity, bland
•       Gruff Taxi Passenger, male, stern, doesn’t tip, no lines

Please email and include the following:

•       Full Name
•       Phone Number
•       Preferred Email
•       Resume/Reel/Website (if you have one)
•       Current City
•       Age Range
•       Height
•       Weight
•       The following pictures (professional or cell phone is fine):
o       Shoulders up (headshot) straight on to the camera or 3/4
o       Full body in good lighting, plain, fitted clothes, hair down, light or no makeup
o       An action or fun shot if you have one. Something you love to show off!

Crew call:

•       1st AD
•       Script Supervisor
•       1st AC
•       Camera Assistant
•       Key Grip
•       Hair and Makeup
•       Art Director
•       Prop Master

Please email ‘’ and include the following:

•       Full Name
•       Phone Number
•       Preferred Email
•       Resume/Reel/Website if you have them
•       Current City



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