Come Out, Wherever You Are follows Verne Parrish, a retired politician running away from his past until it catches up with him in the open lands of Montana. Dan Burns’ adapted screenplay is based on the short story of the same name from his book, No Turning Back: Stories. Burns and director Caitlin Presberg are bringing this film to life with a 95% local Montana crew and cast. “Working with a majority Montana cast and crew seems the only way to honor Montana as a primary character in the film.” (Director Caitlin Presberg).

Blake De Pastino, known for “Treasure State” and “Eye for Eye,” takes on the role of protagonist Verne Parrish. Alongside him will be Marilyn Bass, known for “Chicago P.D.” and “The Young and The Restless,” who plays the young traveler Verne meets on a deserted road after a suspicious layer of dust covers the town.

The small town of Livingston, Montana, is brought to life by Amber Rose Mason, known for “Blood for Dust” and “Ted K,” and Douglas “Hurricane” Hall, known for “Somewhere in Montana” and “Nexus of Evil.”

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