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Montana Film Office

Hints and Tips

Breaking into the film industry on either side of the lens can be a little scary. The Montana Film Office has compiled these helpful hint documents to give you a look into the world of film and answer some of the most frequently asked questions we get. If you have any other questions or would like copies of these documents please email the film office at

Everyone has to start somewhere, and that somewhere on set is usually as a Production Assistant (PA). The catch-all position on a set, starting work in the film industry as a PA is both rewarding and intimidating. If you think your future lies on a film crew, be sure to check out our introduction to PA work here.

Making the decision to start making films is difficult at the best of times and downright scary at the worst. Still, film-making can be one of the most rewarding experiences and careers out there. So, never be afraid to go for your dreams behind the camera, but make sure to read up on some of our tips for first-time filmmakers first, here!

We should probably be calling Montana the “Ultimate Locations” since we have so many. The Film Office boasts a locations database that houses literally thousands of locations that offer character, breathtaking scenery and ready-to-shoot beauty. Still, we are always looking for that next spot to show Montana off as the best film location it can be. If you think you’ve got that spot, be sure to read through the Location Owner’s Guide and contact us about it.

Finding a new job is always stressful, but breaking in to a high-paced industry like film can be even more so. First you have to find a production company, organize your resources, contact the company, hope they’re hiring, get your resume to them, wait to hear, ace the interview, land the job, get on a project, and THEN you can start making movie magic. We may not be able to simplify the process too much, but we can definitely give you a hand getting started here.