Casting Call: Kung Fu Slayers

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Updated 5/3/23!

AUDITIONS will be held in MAY and JUNE in Missoula.


Deadline 5/31/23 

Exec. Producer/Actor Opportunity: We are technically still looking for investment, and investors can get a role, so if you know of any actor-investors with the wherewithal to do so, we’d be interested to talk to them about it. 

CAST NEEDED (Prefer Missoula locals or work as local):

STUNT/FEATURED EXTRAS/PLAYERS: ALL AGES/Ethnicities. Need several folks, preferably with stage fight or martial arts experience. 

GAVIN: 10-15 years old, is Tony’s son with Susie. At the beginning of the film he is going through an “identity crisis” not knowing if he will be a vampire or not. After his abduction, being turned into a vamp and subsequent rescue, he has to re-learn English and how to love his father and mother. Huge role. Need a mature-for-his-age young actor with understanding/helpful parents! Several MANDARIN lines, some light fight scenes too. 

ZARA: 21-35, Asian/Hispanic/White/Mixed/Middle Eastern. Dark-haired beauty that doesn’t speak Mandarin. Friends with Susie. Zara is the only one of the friends that doesn’t become a vampire. Dark haired beauty that is tough and protective of her friends. A good fighter… Fight/Stunt training is helpful for the role so strong preference to actors with some experience.

SUSIE:  23-40, White. Tony’s ex. They have a son together, Gavin. She is beautiful and tough. After the battle with Elvira becomes a ghost that “haunts” Tony.  Must be able to learn some Mandarin lines. Some light fight sequences.

ELVIRA: 25-40… Asian/Mixed/Native… Mr. Ma’s wife/lover. She emerges at the beginning of the movie to collect Mr. Ma’s ashes and resurrect him. She is stealthy, cunning, sultry, irresistible. Pivotal role. Fights/ wounds the lead, Susie. Implied nudity in the opening scene. Requires fight scenes + Mandarin lines.

FREDDY: 25-40s, Hispanic /Native /White, Employee of Tony’s. Rescued by Tony in the construction site scene. He ends up helping Tony and team fight the vampires in the final battle scene. Several scenes, one fight scene, several lines.

HANK: 25-45, White/Native/Hispanic. Bad-boy type. Gets in a fight with Tony. He gets attacked and turned into a vamp. Then he obediently helps Mr. Ma’s crew kidnap Tony’s son Gavin. Several fight scenes. 

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