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Casting Call: four male roles for Kalispell project

Production team now casting for significant supporting roles for an independent mystery/thriller/horror feature film. Shooting will take place in April and early May for 5-7 days. The film will be shot in Kalispell and surrounding areas. The roles are paid (pay rate TBD).


SPENCER: (Male, mid-to-late teens, caucasian) Has a snarky sense of humor. He is best friends with Jeremy and although he can be domineering and manipulative, he does genuinely care for him. (2-3 days)

JEREMY: (Male, mid-to-late teens, athletic) Is an honest, loyal friend. Has a mild resentment of his very conservative Christian upbringing. He is integrous but doesn’t like confrontation and has trouble standing up for himself. Has been best friends with Spencer for about two years. They met when his family starting attending a new church. Spencer is pretty much the only friend he made there. (2-3 days)

TRENT: (Male, mid-forties, caucasian) Soft spoken. Has been in law enforcement for over twenty years and a detective for ten of those years. Is very thorough and methodical in his investigations as well as his life. Has seen a lot and carries it with him. Has always been a bit cynical but is driven by his genuine compassion for people. Is utterly uncompromising in his convictions. (3 days)

SIMON MILES: (Male, mid-thirties) Was declared insane after killing his parents when he was a teenager, but he may have been faking. Has since been found to be sane. He is intelligent, patient, meticulous, and calculating. (1-2 days)

Interested parties please submit a video audition by email to Ridge Mallery at

Scenes to perform can be found at
Submission guidelines: Quicktime H.264 is the preferred video format. One take per scene.
Submission Deadline: April 16, 2016.
The film contains mild language and thematic material and some violence.



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