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Casting Call for Series: Blonde Instinct

Production company, MT Target Films (Nancy Bevins & Angela Exton Producing), is casting for “Blonde Instinct” – feature script shooting as a series.

Auditions are being held Saturday, November 26, 1 – 4pm. Cold read, videos accepted at North Valley Public Library Community Room, 208 Main Street, Stevensville, MT.

Paid Female & Male roles (18-70)  SAG Eligible – Work local to the Bitterroot Valley. Contact: BlondeInstinct7@gmail.com Or visit: BlondeInstinct.com

Open to non-traditional casting. Casting for talent, ages are suggestions.  BLONDE INSTINCT is a multi-award-winning feature script including UCLA’S TOP TEN, Toronto’s GOOD-TO-GO Award, CALIFORNIA FILM AWARD, Austin Film Festival Second-Rounders, Big Fork Film Festival Finalist and more.

Logline: A Vegas Cabaret ingenue with Broadway ambitions is linked to a mobster. When she witnesses a mob hit, she escapes with a skittish beautician into the American west; ditching wealth, pretense and luscious platinum hairdos to stay alive.

Roles to fill: 

NOVAK: 30s, actress wannabe. An aloof attitude separates her from the bevy of BEAUTIES. Her guise only serves to mask her insecurities. Casting  for talent, age is negotiable.

TINA: 24, bargain make-up, mile high hair, nervous as heck. Hairdresser, casting for talent. Age is negotiable. Vegas girl.

BOSCHKEE: 40, hard-boiled Vegas police detective adjusts his noir-ish fedora. Opera fan.

PERETZ: 45, a Vegas racketeer (mobster) with more bravado than hair, in a wheelchair, but never to be pampered…he can work a deal.      

NIELSON: 35, Vegas trigger-happy-hood with the chiseled looks. Hit man.

STEVE: 44, Vegas theatre set designer, Tina’s cousin. Dramatic death.

JIMBO: 32, Peretz’s younger brother, Vegas mobster.

MICKI: 49, cigar aficionado is the Boss’s heavyweight, in girth too. Vegas Mobster.

JOYCE: Vegas hair salon owner, believes more is always better so STYLISTS build BIG hairdos.

IRIS: Salty waitress in Wisdom, MT, 67, with a world of experience with no-good men.      

RICKY: 21, tenderfoot cook in Wisdom MT, always ducks out to smoke, has seen nothing of the world so Novak impresses him.

CLAYTON: 70s weathered Wisdom, MT Rancher, in cowboy gear, smart.

JASMINE: 70. matriarch of the Bale of Hay saloon in Virginia City, Chinese, used to be in the mob.

SHERIFF: MT real western town Sheriff and pretty much Stan Smith has this…come as he is.


BECKY: 30-year-old Vegas police officer.             

DRAG QUEEN: Turandot in Drag in Vegas Cabaret.

STREETWALKER: Vegas thigh-hi boots, neon-haltered, definitely knows the score.

CORONER: 40s, very used to his job and dead bodies in Vegas.

DOMINIC: 40s, Winston smoking felon, Vegas mobster in Witness protection hiding out, small town NV.

STAGE HAND WILLIE: 70s, seen-it-all. Very high on common sense, Vegas guy.

PUNK: Young Vegas skateboarder and purse thief.

TURANDOT: Young soprano for real ALWAYS ON STAGE.

EVELYN: 60s, shrewd refinement from the “old” world, Peretz and Jimbo’s mother. 

UNCLE: Evelyn’s brother, Vegas mobster.

Contact: BlondeInstinct7@gmail.com Or visit: BlondeInstinct.com

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