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Montana Film Office

Casting Call for Narrative Music Video – Missoula

A production in Missoula is looking to cast three actors for a short music video style narrative. Since it’s a music video there will be no dialogue, rather there will be a lot of powerful moments of non-verbal communication to portray each character’s struggles.


In the short film a woman fantasizes about her first love, remembering the time when things felt unbreakable. Her past memories will be juxtaposed with her new life that she thought she wanted; a life full of stability and financial security.

But as we find out, through flashbacks, she made the wrong decision. Therefore this short will depict the realization that she chose the wrong man but in the end she is willing walk up the stairs of her new life, accepting the decision she made.


WIFE (Ages 20-35)

An emotionally charged character who fantasizes about her first love, longing for his touch again. She battles her past feelings while living her present life with a husband and child. In the end she comes to terms with what she chose and decides to continue her mundane life.

HUSBAND (Ages 20-35)

An emotionally disconnected character that is content with his “trophy wife” companion but misses her signs of unhappiness.

FIRST LOVE (Ages 20-30)

This character is rough around the edges, appears as if he’s been through struggle but his heart is tender and he cares for The Wife (his girlfriend at the time of the flashback) like no other. His loyalty to her is unmatched and he’d do anything to make her happy. As we find out in the flashback she chooses another man but he accepts this as long as she’s happy.


August 14th, 15th & 16th in Missoula, MT


Daily Rate (TBD) plus food and gas compensation.


For more information or if you are interested in auditioning please email head shots to Steve Buskey at