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Casting Call for God’s Country

Now Casting supporting roles and background (extras) for God’s Country by director Julian Higgins. It shoots in Livingston, and Bozeman mid-February through March. Holding auditions next weekend February 8th and 9th. If you’re interested in being considered, please submit the following information by Monday, February 3rd to:

SEND THREE CURRENT PHOTOS: One close-up of face and two full body photos. Please make sure these photos show your current hairstyle/length and current facial hair, if any.

1. Name and Role Submitting for:
2. Phone Number:
3. Email Address:
4. Union Status: (SAG or Non-Union) If SAG, please include your SAG number
5. Resume, reel, or a brief description of acting experience.
6. Please note if you’re open to doing background work

Roll Breakdowns:

FAITH (Supporting): Mid-50’s-65 yrs old. Professor in the Communications department. She has been teaching for a long time. Painfully shy. Has a brief moment of standing up for Sandra, but ultimately backs down.

COLLEAGUE (Supporting): 50-60 yrs old. Male. Smarmy Professor. Has devoted himself to Academia, and believes he should be much higher up in his career. Smug. Pretentious. Constant wearer of blazers and overpowering cologne.

SUSAN (Supporting): Late 30’s to mid-forties. Caucasian. Blonde. Married to Arthur. Socialite. Very well put together. Comes from money. Good comedic timing. Possibly someone with improv experience.

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION OFFICER (Supporting): Age open. Female. Possibly Asian American. Efficient. Used to handling people who don’t believe her job is important.

HOSPICE WORKER (DIANE) (Supporting): 45-60’s Caucasian. Kindness embodied. Very good at her job. Healing, sympathetic. Maternal. Always knows just what to say, and speaks from the heart. 

BEEFER (Supporting): Mid-20’s- 30’s, Male. Large build. Menacing. Working class. Angry with law-enforcement over the death of his cousin.

MASKED LOGGER (Supporting): Mid 20’s-30’s. Friends with Beefer. Tough. Working class.

FARMER (Supporting, non-speaking): 60-mid 70’s Male. Grizzled. Tough. Body used by decades of hard work and harder drink. Someone who can convey silent strength.

SON (Supporting): 20-35 yrs old Burly. A younger version of his father.

NATHAN’S MOTHER (Supporting, Non-Speaking): 70-80 yrs old. Frail with cane, but also has a strong domineering look. Worked hard and held her own through tough times all her life. Should be able to play piano very well. Will be playing at audition!

MINISTER (Supporting): Mid-50’s- 70’s. Male. Has been leading his congregation for a long time. Traditional. 

STORE MANAGER (Supporting, Non-Speaking): Mid-40’s-60’s Male. Manages the Dollar Spree. Weary. Doesn’t want any trouble. Looking for a great, reactive face. 

RESPECTFUL MAN (Supporting, Non-Speaking): 45-55 yrs old. Funeral home director. Conveys empathy, but professional. Handles the grieving with care.

TREE FARM OWNER (Supporting, Non-Speaking): Late 60’s to mid 70’s. Male. A bearded old salt in a cowboy hat. Hard working. Tough. Looking for a great face.

 RETIRING PROFESSOR (Supporting, Non-Speaking): 70-80 yrs old Caucasian. Male. Long time academic and fisherman. Well liked and respected in his department. 



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