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Casting Call For Feature Film Shooting Late Summer 2018, Missoula – Hamilton Area

Extras are being sought for a feature film scheduled to shoot late this summer in and around Missoula and Hamilton.

“Montana Six Pack” is described by executive producer Michael David McGuire as “a boy/girl, family values love story set against a Montana background.”

Montana Studios, LLC, and the Missoula Food Bank will host an open casting call for background actors at the Food Bank, 1720 Wyoming Street, on Saturday and Sunday (April 28-29) from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day.

Registrants will help build “a professionally managed, digital extras casting file” to be shared with other Montana-location media projects, according to a media release.

A $15 donation to the Missoula Food Bank will be requested of each participant in a process that entails training, registration, and a photo archive program and will take roughly 60 minutes. Sessions start at the top of each hour.

“The film industry in Montana is seeing an unexpected increase, and one of the much needed resources is a professionally managed background actor casting pool,” a release said, adding that in teaming with McGuire and his New York and Los Angeles-based production team, “Montana Studios will be creating a valuable resource that can be beneficial to anyone seeking to develop media projects in Montana.”

McGuire spent time in Missoula in the 1960s. According to an online profile, he has acted in numerous major film and television productions, and began working as a talent and media development consultant in the 1980s. He has clients worldwide as a media, marketing, public relations and media development consultant.

For local information about the casting call, contact Aaron Brock at the Missoula Food Bank and Community Center at 406-549-0543. For project background information, call McGuire at 917-319-4750.



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