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Advertising Promotional Shoot – Non-Union

Men & Women

Active & fit people that enjoy the outdoors!


Desired Experience or Skills

Mtn./Scenic Biking, Horseback Riding, XUV or ATV’s, Fly Fishing, 

Zip Line, Sporting Clays, Hiking, Archery, Canoe or Kayak experience.

You do not have to be proficient in each & every skill.

Experience in some of the areas is desired.


Look of Talent and/or Real People:

Caucasians & all ethnic groups.


Age Range:

Look Age 25 to early 30’s.

Note: You must be at least 25 yrs. of age to be considered.

Finalists will need to prove they’re 25 yr. old by submitting a

Government Issued ID showing their Birthdate.



Promotional for a Ranch Vacation experience in Montana.

Advertiser is Tobacco brand.

Anyone who has been in an anti-tobacco ads is not eligible for this ad.


Availability/Shoot Date:

October 3rd thru 6th in the Bozeman/Livingston area.

You may possibly be used approx. 1-4 days for this shoot.


Day Rate:

$650.00/12 hrs. session fee (video & stills).

Potential for additional rate regarding future additional usage.


Talent Agency Fee: +20%

If you have an agent in Montana, they have submitted you.

Please do not submit yourself.



The submission deadline is Saturday 12pm (Sept. 23rd).

Send 2 Photos (1 full body shot & 1 waist up; smiling!)

All photos should be current and/or look like you do now.

At least 1 photo or selfie is required taken the day of submission.

We need to know exactly what you look like!

No “Call Backs” or video audition sessions are anticipated at this time.


Submit via Dropbox, a file sharing method.

Send me 1 dropbox file with your photos & email me via a “share or link”.

Label each individual talent photo with your Name.1, Name.2, etc.

When you send a message with the link invite to me include:

Your Name, Ht., Wt., Town, Contact #, Email address,

and any Outdoor Activity Skills/Experience. Note your skill levels.

(ie.-Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert.)

Email the dropbox link to:

If you can’t figure out or have any problems with Dropbox call & let me know.


Call me only if you have an urgent question!


Betty Ann Conard

Casting Director – MT




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