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Bozeman Film Celebration Announces Ted Turner Award

BOZEMAN, MONTANA….the TED TUNER AWARD is a $5,000 cash award given to the film that most inspires environmental stewardship. The film will be screened at BZN International Film Festival June 6-9, 2019.

We were thrilled that Mr. Turner attended the opening night of last spring’s inaugural BZN International Film Festival (which featured Jamie Redford’s Happening: A Clean Energy Revolution), and deeply appreciate Mr. Turner’s comment: “As a film-lover, it was heartening to attend BZN—I’m encouraged to see such high regard for intelligent filmmaking.”

We are indeed committed to fostering intelligent filmmaking and in that spirit along with the Turner Foundation we are initiating a Ted Turner Award for Environmental Stewardship. The film can be in any of the four categories: Narrative feature; documentary feature; documentary short, and narrative short. The BZN 2019 theme will again highlight environmental issues, as well as women and their stories.

BZN’s mission is closely aligned with that of the Turner Foundation—we too want to see “humanity live in harmony with the environment and be at peace with one another.” Film is a powerful medium for educating, encouraging and inspiring audiences to get involved and take action to protect our planet. We understand that conservation is complex and requires involvement from many different perspectives. We seek film submissions from around the world that encourage environmental stewardship or detail innovative solutions to gender-specific or global dilemmas—engaging all ages, ethnicities, political associations, and interest groups.

The inaugural BZN Festival was truly a stunning success, and will become more influential each year. We are dedicated to creating a high-profile event renowned for sustainability, both for attendees and for those who receive the message through our branding. Bestowing the Ted Turner Award will further that effort and will, I believe, bring international attention to the Turner Foundation’s ongoing efforts in land, air and water stewardship.

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