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Audience Awards Announces New Online Film Competition

aud_ward_bannerFor years, the Montana Film Office has proudly partnered with Montana-made film festivals such as the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, Hatchfest and the International Wildlife Film Festival. Montana-connected film fests bring welcome attention to the people who work on the ground in the Montana film industry and keep Montana on the movie map world-wide.

Now, MFO is proud to announce a brand-new partnership with an event offering a different kind of exposure for filmmakers. The Audience Awards is an all-online film competition looking to help independent filmmakers capitalize on their talent, social media knowledge and promotion skills by giving them a platform for mass exposure.

The Audience Awards offers five different competitions and the first, SHORT FILM, is now looking for entries. Filmmakers are asked to submit their short films (less than 40 minutes) at The entry fee is $10 and the deadline for submission is February 28, 2014.

After submission, filmmakers can share their film’s Audience Awards link on social media sites and via email to encourage fans to vote for their film. Fans of the films will have from April 1, 2014 to May 31, 2014 to vote for the film they think deserves to win. The winning film will receive $5,000 cash and a film consult and distribution deal with FilmBuff!

Each competition will offer a number of different categories, each sponsored by a well-known film festival connecting submissions with the wider independent film world.

The SHORT FILM categories are:

– Music: Short Fiction & Short Documentary
– LGBTQ: Short Fiction & Short Documentary
– Environmental: Short Documentary
– Wildlife: Short Documentary
– Human Rights: Short Documentary
– Women Filmmakers: Short Fiction & Short Documentary
– Adventure/Sporting: Short Documentary
– Animation: Short Film

Submit early and start building buzz and getting votes for your shot at $5,000 cash and a distribution deal with FilmBuff!

For more information:
Audience Awards Press Release



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