Laurel Moon –  a short film by Producers Sarah Sherman and Emily Rasmuss.

Yes, we are including dogs in casting notice.

  • PUPPY DODGE – One and under – Yellow Lab preferred, but please submit any puppy – Livingston area preferred
  • ELDERLY DODGE – Old version of above – Livingston area preferred
  • SMALL MILES (Supporting, Two lines) Five to seven, Male – Livingston area actor preferred
  • PRETEEN MILES (Featured Background) 11 to 14, Male – Livingston area actor preferred, Must like dogs, baseball experience helpful

Both DODGE actors and both MILES actors needed March 3 or 4 in Livingston.

  • PROFESSIONAL (Featured Background) Adult, Female – Billings area actor preferred. PROFESSIONAL needed February 29 or March 1 in Billings.
  • AYDAN (Lead) Late 20s and up, Any gender – Carer or medical field experience very helpful. AYDAN is a nurse who started nursing out of necessity and has grown to love the job. All business and superior care for their patients. They conquer life with quick humor, hard work and selective attention, always looking for the positive–except when they just can’t. AYDAN needed March 3 in Livingston.

Microbudget. Actors may be asked to self tape. First submit photo and resume to Questions to the same. Deadline for submission is 2/15/2024.

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